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IheartTheATX February Likes

It’s that time again…

Another blog post on things I am currently hearting and want to take the time to share.

Honestly, as a creature of habit these posts can be difficult. I haven’t been going out to eat a lot (so I have no cool restaurant recs currently-but open to suggestions!). I am back in my Snap Kitchen phase (and therefore eating the same fav 4 items)..

but I do have a few things that have been in my life these past few things, and here they are-What I am currently hearting February


(heart above from Mallorca, Spain)

1. Feng Shui (FUNG SHWAY)

I got a book for Christmas on Feng Shui that I asked for and since reading, have spruced up my home a bit and learned quite a bit on the ancient Chinese subject. Then, last week I hosted a “good fortune gathering” in celebration of the Chinese New year in conjunction with a speaker who is very knowledgeable on the topic of Feng Shui. I invited some great ladies over to my house to hear what Stacy had to say, and learn a few things on the topic.

{Side note, it there has been one thing that has changed over the last few years in my life it is: who I surround myself with. I feel as though it keeps getting better, more Quality, less quantity. As I looked around my “Good Fortune” event, I saw a room filled with positive, open minded, successful, strong, caring, happy women. I am grateful to have them in my life}


Anyway, I started reading “Move Your Stuff, Change your Life.” It’s not about throwing out a bunch of stuff and having your couch face a specific way, (but warning, it may inspire you to sit down and go through some junk, which was nice) but more about the intentions behind where you place certain items in your home. Many companies (take Hyundai for instance, built and designed their whole building in CA based on feng shui principals). You may not necessarily believe in the unseen energy, but some feel more connected than others, and I figure it can’t necessarily hurt, only help to move a few things around (with the positive thought of what’s to come behind it). It’s as easy as that–from writing your intentions, to placing a mirror in your entrance-yet not facing the front door. Placing specific items of specific colors in corresponding places of the bagua. But, I will let you reach out to me if additional questions, maybe I can help-but I am no expert, or purchase the book here and read more for yourself.

bagua grid

Above is the bagua (place the bagua over a floorplan of your home, with front door being on bottom line and these are the different areas of your home for you to feng shui)

2. 365 Thank Yous: The Year a Simple Act of Daily Gratitude Changed My Life

Last week I was in a training all week. It was sales and real estate related, but it was so much more than that. The speaker instructed us to buy a book called 365 Thank Yous. And I haven’t finished yet, but thought I would share. Here’s the synopsis on the back: “An inspiring, true story about how a simple old-fashioned act-writing thank-you notes–lead a hopeless, angry, middle aged man out of despair and into a wonderful life.”

365 thank yous

A few years back (I want to say the start of 2013, I was at an all time low (for me). I consider myself a fairly happy and positive person, but I was not doing so hot where I want to be in life, not doing so hot in business and I couldn’t see clearly of how to get there, either. I was harder on myself than usual, with low confidence and self esteem, and overall just disappointed in myself for letting it get to that point. I was stressed and overall sad about what my life was comprised of and who I was and wasn’t surrounding myself with). As I started to read this book I resonated with the writer and the point of his life at where he was (and yet I don’t even feel the pressure of providing for a family, so I often have that to be thankful for).

I haven’t finished the book, but I can already tell you I find it a great read and look forward to finishing it up soon. Gratitude doesn’t come easy for most of us (including me) in addition to always thinking positively. Especially this day in age with social media and someone ALWAYS selling something–we often think of what we DON’T have or what we want next, vs looking at all the wonderful things we already have in our life… and I am not even talking about material things (coffee, internet and seat warmers in our car) but much deeper things…such as people, emotions, our health, etc.


As most of you know I started a “happy jar” last year, and practicing gratitude only coincides. If you don’t have a stationary set (especially you fellas) I recommend you pick one up next time you are out…and either write down good things as they come to you, or write thank you notes when you are really feeling thankful for someone.

{Fun fact: Thank you notes from men are MUCH better well received than from women, because we (women) have been writing them much longer than males to where it is sometimes expected. So set yourself apart fellas, and make someone feel appreciated today-write them a note!}

thank you on beach

3. Walnut Creek Metropolitain Park

If you have been in Austin long enough, you know that the greenbelt trails are South and West. Actually, it seems like all the good hiking trails, hidden waterfall gems, off leash parks are all well, South.

I wanted to share some info on Walnut Creek! I have been dog sitting my Dad’s (ok and what was once mine-Jack) labs this past week as he is working and felt bad about boarding them. We have been having some amazing weather lately, and while my yard is nice (in fact, as I write this in my office  I hear Molly and Riley playing in the yard, with the window open, she growls so loud you wouldn’t know she was a Maltipoo) it is no huge off leash park with watering hole and trails.


(the pups post park on Saturday-patiently awaiting me to throw a ball).

When I first moved to Austin I took Jack (my black lab) to Sculpture Falls, Red Bud, running on Lady Bird lake and to socialize with other dogs at Audi Shores, but alas…I am a Northie now. And if you haven’t been to Walnut Creek (this is also where I play kickball sometimes) I have to say–it is pretty great! Tons of trails dedicated to bikers, hikers and off leash dogs as well. I took the dogs Saturday and they had a blast, and best of all (what all dog owners want upon return) they were exhausted! The water was up, the dogs splashed and swam and fetched, then walked uphill, downhill and all about, excited to come home and lay in the Air conditioning (after I hosed them down in the yard of course). So regardless if you are a dog owner/lover or not. If you enjoy checking out new trails (and even getting a bit lost) or taking out your mountain bike–(or the kids to a playground), Walnut Creek is worth checking out!


Click the link above for a video of Riley fetching rocks at Walnut Creek…yes, rocks.

Anyway, as always, thanks for reading and in honor of the month of February–Molly hopes you had a fantastic Valentine’s Day…


What iHEARTtheATX is currently “Hearting”

I recently have taken my personal posts out of my old website and kept that more business-related…since not all my clients want to read about my thoughts and bad dates….so here we are-a new website for all 4 of you to read my random thoughts.

Soooo, with that, (and my new year’s goal to write more) I am attempting to try and write at least once a month about the things I am currently liking err “Hearting” (because it sounds more catchy with my website domain).

What is @ihearttheatx currently Hearting????


1. IheartCGArena–This has been my gym for going on year 2 and it is expanding. Why I love it?:

CG Arena (aka Camp Gladiator, which also has multiple boot camp locations) is super duper close/convenient to me (even though you always have to turn around since it is on the access road-who cares). How I end up a few minutes late to some classes is beyond me, (actually it isn’t I am habitually a few minutes late). They have diverse trainers and members, good class times that fit the 9-5ers, the early-birds, the stay-at-homers and people like me who make their own schedule! Tons of variety too! From pilates to boxing, to sprint workouts to kettle bell and strength centered work outs there is something for everyone…literally, everyone. From beginner users of the 3lb dumbbells to athletes who want personal training sessions I am super happy to see the same faces (and accountability) and get a great workout burning 600-800 cals per class. Thanks CG!!!

PS Saturday 1.24 they are holding a re-grand opening as they have expanded, so you can try a ton of their classes. New added weight machines, class fitness rooms and child care.



Nothing Bundt Cakes is this adorable cake place has a few store fronts, and so many variations of cakes. I am happy to recommend them for baby showers (we did lemon and chocolate for a friend’s shower) And this past year I gave all my past clients Nothing Bundt Cakes for Christmas (well I paid a teenager to drop them off at their doorstep, but I did make all their Xmas tags and hand-write notes!!) And when people text me “Thank you so much they were so delicious” it brings me great joy. Try it! You don’t even have to pre-order they have them ready in the store and you can buy the little mini ones for a catering of many people or something.



The new Board Walk. Yes I know it is not called Town Lake any more, it is Lady Bird Lake, but it makes me so happy the board walk is in with plans of Waller Creek to develop. Not that I am an avid runner, but I’ve been running the trail since college (2003 to be precise, when I started to train for my first marathon). When we had to do the 10mi or 6mi loop (from MoPac), I ALWAYS dreaded the East side. Not that it was scary (ok it is scary running on Riverside as the cars go by super fast) but it was scarce. As soon as I would get to the part of the trail East of 35 I always questioned if I was going the right way and if there was a rapist lurking in the shadows. Still a little work to be done by the Longhorn Dam, but it is SO MUCH BETTER than what it was. Also–everyone has the infamous skyline photo from the Lamar bridge, when there is a beautiful skyline views from the boardwalk now! If you haven’t checked it out, I highly recommend. If you don’t want to do a loop or take too long I recommend parking on the street by Lake Shore (off E. Riverside) by the apartments and heading West. Great views and a nice walk over the water. I look forward to when Waller Creek will be finished up as well.


You’re welcome.

Stay tuned for next month’s of what Ashley is currently Hearting.

(As an FYI this was not a paid endorsement-I wish I were that cool)