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Things I am Hearting–April

It seems as a creature of habit it can be hard to write/share about new things I like (I heart). March seemed to fly by, but over the past few weeks I have tried some new things and wanted to share with you a few items I am currently hearting once more. I even had a friend text me, “Umm have you tried the brownie at Snap Kitchen?” And yes, yes I have….so here we go, this month’s rendition of things I am currently “hearting”…


(heart above from recent trip to Portland Oregon found off Hawthorne St.)


GF brownie snap kitchen

It’s not the first time I have written of Snap Kitchen. I am almost ashamed that I just got to the “1000 point marker” that is how much I eat it. It is “healthy” (that adjective seems controversial these days so I will leave the quotation marks around it), convenient and portioned, what’s not to love? Did I mention tasty as well?! So this month, I heart Snap Kitchen’s Gluten Free Brownie. Yes, that’s right. I said gluten free. Am I gluten Free? Hell no. But this little morsel of chocolate is tasty. Is it low calorie? Not really. Is it low fat? Nope. It is just the right amount of chocolate when you want something sweet after a meal, but it’s “cleaner” than something you’d get out of a package and has a few grams of protein!. If you do not like coconut-you will not like these. But I am telling you, give it a try.




This past week/weekend I met a friend I hadn’t seen in over a year and a half. I flew SW (Southwest) one way to Portland, Oregon, met her there, then we went one-way (direct) to San Jose and one way (direct) back to Austin. After traveling in Australia and NZ a few months back I now realize the importance–and how much better I feel-when the flight attendants were NICE and understanding. When the people you have to deal with at your gate/on your plane are pleasant it instantly makes me pleasant. During all my flights there wasn’t one grumpy flight attendant (even at 6:30am) and they were sarcastic and funny. For example during our take off when they go over the TSA safety regulations one of them said,  “A reminder to put your carry-on bags under the seats in front of you. Ladies that goes for you and your designer purses-they need to go on the floor not in your lap, it will be ok, we know they are fake anyway.” And “There are 50 ways to leave your lover but only 6 ways off this plane…” They make the monotonous part of flying a little bit entertaining, and we were always on time, in fact-a few minutes early, bonus! I also don’t mind the boarding/no first class thing they have going on as well. Which reminds me, when we were boarding, one of the flight attendants said, “Now boarding Group C, Group C stands for Center Seat”  Indeed it does. Thanks Southwest.

And lastly…don’t hate me, but I am going there.

I HEART MALTI-POOS! — More specifically, my new dog, Molly. (#goodGollyMsMollyMaltipoo is her hashtag-yes. I have a hashtag for her, naturally).


(Above: Molly filthy after playing on the kickball fields)

I love dogs in general and can’t remember a time growing up that we didn’t have a dog (or two). After 2.5yrs without my black lab Jack (who I adopted when I had moved to Kansas City). Jack is  in Doggy Heaven…no, not deceased. He is living with my dad and another lab, roaming free in fields daily and eating steak and eggs or bacon grease atop his dog food with endless rides in the back of a truck and lots of belly rubs. So, literally: Doggy Heaven with “Grampy.” Since I don’t run outside as much as I used to and admittedly enjoy not having dog hair on every article of clothing I own;  I sprung for a low-maintenance dog that doesn’t need at least an hour of exercise a day and one that doesn’t shed. (Plus picking up poop the size of tootsie rolls ain’t so bad either!) I work from home a little bit more right now since she is a puppy, but it hasn’t been too bad taking her places either. Molly has gone to inspections, showings, kickball games, my workouts, a photoshoot, house warming parties and yes, even the dentist with me (where she slept on my feet the whole time). She plays well with others, loves all, and naps frequently.  It most definitely wasn’t hard to find a dog sitter when I went out of town. When I first picked her up from the woman I bought her from, she told me “She is the most outgoing one in her litter and she just loves to eat!” If that isn’t a perfect match. I don’t know what is.

(more Molly cuteness below)


Above: Molly kissing her “cousin”-I don’t think he was a fan.


Above: Molly with Halo on a photoshoot.


Above: Molly playing tug with Rainey.


Above: Molly compilation of her first week with me.


Molly with inspector Tim, and the seller’s sweet dog, Bella.


Molly meeting her first cat. Confused at first, then she was feisty and wanted to play.

As usual thanks for reading my blog about nothing. I at least hope you try the brownie (for those of you with a Snap Kitchen near you). Stay tuned for next time as I chat about getting adult braces-ay yi yi.