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Cheers to All the Moms

When I was in 6th grade we had to write about what we wanted to be when we grew up. Yes, even as a child I was a night owl and one of my favorite shows was Donna Reed (a 50’s show they played on Nick at Nite when I stayed up late enough to watch). Donna seemed to live this perfect, happy life. She made breakfast every morning for her family, sent them off with lunch each day, handled it all, kept a clean house AND wore a dress, heels and pearls while doing it. I wanted to be Donna. And believe it or not–I wrote my paper that year on why I wanted to be a “housewife.”

donna reed show

Wow. Funny how things change.

This picture below I caught on a friend’s Facebook page…I don’t even have kids and I can’t tell you how much I love it (and maybe because I relate?? or at least hear about this enough) Take a moment to squint and read it please:

Hell, I just finished up Big Little Lies and I am not even a rich mom in CA living in a beautiful home on a coast and I kinda related to that show. How did we get to be so judgmental? As women–and really as a society as a whole?

biglittle lies moms

It’s 2017 now. And having children…not gonna lie, kinda terrifies me. I used to think I wanted kids. I mean, I do want kids. I mean, I think I do. I mean, it may be too late. I mean, if I meet the right guy maybe. I mean…hell I don’t know anymore! I am in my thirties now. Many of my friends and co-workers have kids and are having kids and ya know what? It doesn’t look easy and it doesn’t look fun. Is life always easy or fun? No. And I get it–there’s lots of fantastic things about having a family but I think what I have realized the most (or perhaps dreaded the most) is that the role of a Mother in 2017 has changed…a lot.

While I realize I don’t speak for ALL women, my perception of being a mother these days is sad. Not in the sense that being a mom is a sad role, but I am sad for Moms. You mamas do SO much. SO. MUCH. I get that some of it is in our wiring as a woman–yeah, yeah we are naturally “more nurturing” or can “multi-task better than men.” The role of a mother has changed, especially with more women “in the workforce.”

And not to knock guys (though I know I am really good at that), but the expectations of Motherhood are seemingly scary (again like the first photo I had mentioned above). Have a kid, but don’t bring them in this World with “drugs,” and while you are pregnant don’t have that wine, and you better be eating healthy or that kid is gonna have the beetus…then after you have that kid, feed them, nourish them, don’t sleep, fold the laundry and be sure to get back into your bikini body, while getting up 3x a night, managing the calendar of your home, get botox, pluck your grays, don’t nag at your partner, ask for help, but not too much help. Then return to work 9wks later while still in the middle of breastfeeding or not–(and get judged for quitting to soon) because you make as much as it would cost to have someone else take care of your child) and love them, but not too much, teach them tough love, but don’t bring them up to be heartless. Let them speak their mind, but teach them how to be open minded…Don’t forget to make dinner, network, get promoted, buy a bigger house for your growing family, be a supportive spouse and drink 62oz of water a day! All the while they’re going to grow up and still disappoint you, blame you for why the way they are (only the negative attributes) while costing an arm and a leg–and don’t even get me started on health care and insurance for all of this stuff too.

And while I don’t have a child of my own and can’t experience this “special bond” or joy of having a child and all that comes with it (ahem the positive attributes of course)–to those of you Moms that do it all (and I know so many of you)…I commend YOU! I really do.

multitasking mom

{Side Note: This task is not something I want to do alone (if at all) making it all the more hard to find a partner willing to contribute to raising a normal, hopefully healthy child…All the while helping out semi-equally, being supportive, calming yet humorous, financially responsible yet fun, a positive male figure, yet vulnerable, keeping me sane while educating and disciplining yet loving (especially if we have a girl, because I don’t want her to have “daddy issues” and at 13yo posting 30 seductive selfies a day to Instagram). Sigh.}

So with that…to my single moms who have had maybe more time with their child than their partner–who have raised these little humans, sacrificing all that I mentioned above (with little to no help-emotionally, physically and financially) and more–double bonus points for YOU!! xoxo

To my own Mom, aunts, friends, siblings, clients and co-workers who have birthed/adopted, raised, cared for, held, dressed, fed, cleaned up after, encouraged, listened to, taught manners to and curated a decent human being on this planet…{while still remaining sane}–I admire you, because this is no easy task! Happy Mother’s Day!

happy mothers day

P.S Why is it on Mother’s Day we have to take our mom’s to brunch or dinner or spend time with them but on Father’s Day we “let dad have a day to himself” or go play golf? Ya know what I think? You Moms can have a day to yourself too! Just leave…leave and don’t tell anyone where you are going and put that phone on silent. You can do it. (I mean unless of course you are breastfeeding, leave a bottle behind or something). That is all.

P.S.S For a good laugh-if you have seen this male anchor get interrupted by his kids while on air, you have to watch this parody! Go moms.