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Butterflies and Such

Hi again. It’s me.

I know, it’s been a while.

While I love writing (I journal weekly-ish, make lists daily, and jot down goals often on a dry erase board, etc) this whole blogging thing is kind of time consuming. And I hate that excuse “I don’t have enough time.” Because it really means “it is not a priority…right now.” And that purely has been the case. While I love to share–> restaurant tips, real estate, worst dates and the like, it can take some time to write these things down, ya know?! But I figured it’s time and I was in the mood….so here goes..

To get started: I was going to write about some of the good reads I have had this year…nah. My recent trip to Colorado..nah. Or how about a post on how I am trying to not use the word (or excuse) “I’ve been so busy.”

“Why don’t you blog about dating anymore?”

“You should write about your bad dates again, that was funny.”

But let’s be real. No one gives a shit about what books I am listening to on Audible to try and self improve…ya wanna hear the dating struggles, I get it. So while I don’t have my top 5 worst dates of 2018—(hmm have I even¬†been on five dates this year?)

The reason I haven’t blogged about the ol dating life is simple…a few reasons:

  1. Dating life is kinda non existent (we’ll get to the why further below)
  2. I tried to cut out writing negatively (and let’s be real, while I try to take a light hearted approach to dating, I wasn’t writing the most positive experiences)
  3. I been “busy” ya’ll ūüėČ (blogging takes a lot of time and not where my focus has been lately)

While those above reasons are semi-true, I figured I would take some time to share some revelations/realizations/advice I have been trying to apply to my personal life in the last few months.

First off I would like to say the recent read that I do recommend (single or not) is called: Attached. It opened my eyes to a lot about already self aware self, but also about others who are basically not a good match/wasting my time. But it can be applied in other ways besides dating. It is based on attachment style theory, categorizing people as: Avoidant, Anxious and Secure. And I found it interesting and worth the read.

They also mentioned it on the U Up? Podcast I listen to, right after my therapist had also brought it up–so I figured it was meant to be.


(This book is about Attachment Style Theory-read it).

Revelation Number One: Say What You Want

I know some pretty awesome people. And some of the people I envy are pretty damn selfish with their time and tend to get what they want. My old view of this is that they were picky or selfish or bitchy, but as I have gotten older I realized—It does not make a woman a bitch to say exactly what she wants. Why the f do I always order the burger as is and pick off everything? Because that’s how I was raised and I never want to “inconvenience” anyone. A mild example–but you get my point.

As I sat across from my therapist explaining to her about another¬†frustration in dating, she brought to my attention…”How is he supposed to know you value ___if you never tell him?”

And well, she made a good point. I left this blank because there are endless things that can be filled in that blank (amIright?)…chivalry is a big one for me (yes, yes I can take care of myself fo sho, but something about a man going out of his way with good manners and nice gestures to show he’s interested–call me old fashioned, I don’t care). Anyway, she would give me examples, of how I could word a statement to inquire his thoughts on something important to me, but also state what I want–and to be honest, the idea of it, still makes me cringe. I would usually always counter back with–“I can’t say THAT!!!” {Plus, do you know how indecisive I am?!?! But that’s another topic for another time}

I am not saying I am any better at this, but a work in progress, definitely have improved by speaking up a bit more. It can also be applied to other areas in life (and there’s definitely a way to word what’s on your mind without offending or coming across like a total Bia) but you sure do get a lot farther this way vs playing guessing games and having false expectations I suppose.


saywhat you mean

Revelation Number Two: Three Date Rule

After reading “Attached,” there was a line in the book that talks about often times the people that would be a good match for¬†me are often mistaken for “boring” after meeting them.

This hit me hard. I cannot tell you how many dates I have gone on, that I said, “He’s nice, just kinda boring.”¬† Maybe I live in a fairytale world, but I was really expecting some kind of butterfly feeling when I met someone (and I have had it before, so perhaps determined to feel it again)? If ya know me–you are probably thinking–everyone is probably too boring for you, crazy girl! And yes, it is true. I am always on the go with a ton of energy and like to keep things pretty interesting and challenging for myself…I have no clue why, but I am owning it. Keep up.

This part of the book made me ponder the “Do I need that butterflies feeling for someone else?” Or can things slowly grow?? Which lead to a constant polling of women–from my married Air Bnb house guests with late convos on the back porch, co-workers, friends, engaged…dating for 4 months…everything in between—I would ask:

“When you first met ____insert significant other___, did you like know you’d be together or did it slowly grow into something more?!”

Here’s some of the answers from my “research”:

He definitely grew on me.

He was persistent.

I almost didn’t go on a second date with him, but my sister talked me into it.

The skeletons were out of the closet around date four, and I knew I could be myself around him.

I liked him the more we hung out, but not really at first.

He treated me better than any guy had.

I broke with up with him, and he kept being persistent and told me we would still date.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Some women (much fewer) said they hit it off from the get go, but majority rules here–and I am applying advice from a friend’s sister who said-“give it three dates.” This is something I have been attempting to explore my own self, but let’s just work on getting one date first, huh?

This also correlates to my blog after I read Aziz Ansari’s Modern Romance too. He explains that as a society we are always wanting 9s and 10s and five star reviews, and that really no one is themselves on date one, so if it is a 5/6 or better, go again, and if date 2 is a five or better go again..and so forth, as things tend to grow. The swiping apps keep us always looking for the next best thing vs getting to know what is right in front of us.


three dates

(see what I did there? Three dates….ha)

Now, the above revelation is a good rule, however there is one thing this past year that I also keep (trying to) listen to…it is loud and we push it away a lot (or at least I do).

it is your gut.

Revelation Number Three: Listen To Your Gut

So this contradicts a bit of rule number two, but not really.

I once had gone out with a guy a few times that I had the “butterfly” feelings for (which I now¬†understand, from “Attached” that¬†was only me being anxious)¬† about an attractive guy that pretended to like me, but there was a definite gut feeling that he wasn’t all that great…and I thought something was off.

I texted my friend whose husband is a cop and asked her if it was possible if she could run a background check on him for me. If that isn’t a gut feeling I don’t know what is.

Her answer was pretty perfect “Ha no, we can’t do that, but if you are asking that’s probably not a good sign!”

And yes. He was shitty. So I moved along.

Someone else I know posted a “trust your gut” story the other day to share with friends. She had a¬†weird feeling before she left her house to go for a run–as if she should have taken mace or maybe not even go¬†on a run that am and sure enough she had a bad run-in¬†and the story ends with¬†a man chasing her and she was fearful for her life. Her point was basically–to listen to yourself. We are more intuitive than we give ourselves credit for.

I fight it often myself.

My trust in people is strong, and I try to give the benefit of the doubt. I find that often the signs were there, I really wanted something to work out or perhaps I try to tell myself that I expect too much or want too much–not so. Our gut will let us know what we are willing to excuse and what we are not.


Anyway, I hope you found my “recent revelations” (for dating and/or life) applicable to your own. And maybe even a new read/listen. Trust your gut, give it a chance…or three and don’t forget to say what you want (it’s ok to pick the restaurant).




My Whole 30 Challenge: A Daily Blog to Hold One Accountable

My Whole 30 Challenge: A Daily Blog to Hold One Accountable

While I am currently not doing Crossfit on a day-to-day basis, I do attend a crossfit gym (but I do classes with an old fav trainer, Taylor, because I like that programming) but I do work out with a group of wonderful gals who for some odd reason thought June 1 they should do a Whole30 challenge.

So this blog is my day-to-day of how the challenge went for me (live blogging if you will).

All I knew of Whole30 is: “it is more strict than paleo

{The jist: no booze, no sugar, no dairy, no gluten, no grains, no legumes, no corn, no fun}…just kidding on that last one…kinda.

When the girls talked about this challenge pre-Memorial Day weekend. I thought to myself, “well now that is just crazy…I can’t do that.” So I proposed to the group (we have our own little facebook group):

Hey ladies what if we do a point system?! 20pts for eating perfect, 10 if one meal had something not on whole30, maybe 5 for drinking 8 glasses of water or 5 for working out–that way the whole day isn’t lost and we are still working toward a positive goal and outcome.

Wellll…that got shot down. But the reason being is that’s not how Whole30 works. It is an all or nothing type of diet. And I hate using the word diet, so let’s just stick with challenge, but really it is more like an experiment to see how your body reacts to certain food groups. Because of how Whole30¬†works, you cannot just do a little cheat here or a little cheat there (and to be honest as I type this I am not finished with the book, but the best way is to think of this is like a 30 day cleanse–in my opinion).

Some of the girls have told me that this challenge is not to weight yourself, measure yourself or take before and after photos, but to change your relationship with food…(but let’s be real, you know I jumped on the scale to see)

My thoughts: Yes, I already know me and food have a roller coaster type of relationship {Monday-Thursday we are pretty cool, but special occasions and weekends we are on the rocks}

So this is how it has “gone down”, my experience with Whole30.

Monday May 30: -2 Days until Whole30

Drove back from Port Aransas after a fun binge drinking weekend filled with home made tacos, minimal veggies and lots of chips (I cannot tell you how much I love wheat thins). Talked about food half the way home with my friend. Stopped at Mc Donald’s because it had been a while since we had Mickey D’s, it was in the gas station we stopped at and well, because….FRIES.

Thoughts: Maybe I will do this challenge, it will probably only last 4 days because I can’t go a weekend without drinking-I know myself too well.

Tuesday May 31: -1 day until Whole30: Went to HEB and Whole foods and bought some items Whole30 compliant; such as veggies, fruits, grass fed beef, turkey, etc. I came home and meal prep’d. I am no stranger to this–so long as I have the time, I am pretty good at cutting fruits and veggies and roasting sweet potatoes to easily grab or have as a meal later.

Thoughts: Well here goes nothing, guess I will just see how this goes, but my heart really isn’t in this (and it isn’t like there is a ca$h prize).

I am not taking measurements or before photos, but I will have this serve as my “before” photo, taken in May on my Hawaii trip.


Wednesday, June 1: Whole30 Day 1: Worked at home that afternoon, so got up, made my usual egg scramble (eggs, corn, bell peppers, shredded chicken) but with no cheese, little diced avocado on top with some plantain chips for crunch. Later snacked on some berries.

Thoughts: Yep, this Whole 30 thing is a walk in the park….(so long as I am home the whole month of June)


Then my sister decided to have her baby. So that evening after I worked out, I packed my lunch sack ¬†with some items I had prep’d and drove down to Victoria to visit with my apples, avocados and ready to go snacks in tow! Passing a Buc-ee’s without stopping for gas (and a snack) wasn’t easy.

Thursday, June 2: Whole30 Day 2: Woke up, found eggs in sister’s fridge where I stayed. scrambled those up and added avocado that I brought. Sliced up an apple too. Found a dish on the counter covered with aluminum, peeked–there it was—a beautiful, homemade yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Reached for the butter knife already in the dish to cut a slice then shook my head in disapproval remembering I was “on Whole30.” Sat down and ate my eggs. Later that day I went to the hospital for some more family time. Everyone brought lunch up there to eat and Kendal her favorite–chik-fil-a. There were donuts sitting on her bed side hospital table and her fav candy-sour patch kids. I watched my ever-so-fit brother grab a chocolate eclair and scarf it in front of me. Bastard. He also put his Schlotzky’s chocolate chip cookie in my purse to taunt me, but fortunately I found it before I left the hospital.


Thoughts: My realization is how my mind works when it comes to food coming around: If it’s right there in front of me… I will eat it. {Mmmm sugar.}


Thursday, June 3: Whole 30 Day 3: Not a bad day, worked from home quite a bit that day too, which is easy for me when at home. I had some snacks and items prepped, went to the gym, came home and made dinner (really wanted a glass of wine as I started season 2 of Bloodline.

Thoughts: I consider myself a social drinker, but as of the past 6mo or so (and since I got a Costco membership) I find myself having a glass of wine with dinner in the evenings as I Netflix binge or do stuff around the house.

Friday, June 4: Whole 30 Day 4: Well, this is the day I usually cave. All week I eat “fantastic” then Friday rolls around and at 5 o’clock I want happy hour!! Even when all week I said I was going to “chill” this weekend. Fortunately, my air bnb guest checked in, we caught up (she’s more like a friend now) and the bestie got back into town and we had a lot to catch up on. I worked out in the eve. Picked up a few things at Whole Foods and we stayed up until 6-yes 6am chatting it up. And turnips cut up and roasted do NOT taste like french fries…for the record.

Thoughts: Why in the F did I stay up this late?! And why didn’t I do less turnips on the cookie sheet so they’d get crispier.


(Whole 30 Fail. Turnips did not end up “turning up” to taste like french fries)

Saturday, June 5: Whole 30 Day 5: Skipped work out, because I was exhausted. {How did I feel hungover when I didn’t even drink, I swear I am doomed!} Showed homes, wrote an offer, then had to eat at home, shower and go to a book launch party I was photographing as a favor for a friend. That actually wasn’t too hard, like I thought it would be. I didn’t drink, I caught up with friends, took photos. And some of the items were Whole30 friendly¬†appetizers (steak, sweet potato, and cubed watermelon with pistachio on top) There was a dab of sauce on some of the items that probably had sugar or something in it, but I ate it anyway. So there, I cheated..I guess. That night I came home to get some more stuff done, in bed late…per usual (grr).

Thoughts: Wow I made it through a Friday AND Saturday of not drinking. *Pats self on back* But how am I still this tired and hungover feeling…getting old sucks. ha.


Sunday, June 6: Whole 30 Day 6: Today was the first day I went out to eat and was able to easily stick¬†with Whole30! Galaxy Cafe for brunch with friends. Denver Scramble, no cheese, no bread, add avocado, sub side of fruit-Boom. Not bad! But eating potatoes without ketchup just isn’t the same. Later I played sand volley ball with some peeps (also on Whole30, so only half of them were drinking) and then showed a house, mowed my front lawn, did a little work and watched some more Bloodline. Not too shabby and my ideal perfect day.

Thoughts: Week 1 down, not terrible. You can do this, Ashley.

Monday, June 7: Whole 30 Day 7: Today started off well, made breakfast, attended my Monday AM meetings, showed a condo, ate lunch at home. Driving past places I used to stop at (or work from) is hard, but I suppose it isn’t bad to be at home working when I can control what goes into my mouth. Today’s challenge was the fact I was given a little box of Tiff’s Treats cookies from a tenant (after I photographed his unit). I passed them along to my Air Bnb Guest, told her she MUST have them and not to let me near them. I mean TIFF’S TREATS! People!! Mmmmm so good. The best chocolate chip cookies in town. She had a few but left them on the damn kitchen table for me to stare at that perfect white box. But I did it, I made it through the day, had a killer¬†leg workout. Finished up Bloodline too (while eating cantaloupe). So good-the show, not the fruit.

Thoughts: I need to either start liking Black Coffee or find some caffeine that is Whole30 compliant because this girl is EXHAUSTED.


Tuesday, June 7: Whole 30 Day 7: Today’s challenge was BORNS in concert at Stubb’s. I did it though. After working from home most the day, a showing, and then an errand at Home Depot (where I really wanted to grab a little treat like I usually do-KitKat or something) I refrained. But I did come home to #GoodGollyMissMollyMaltipoo–who ate a WHOLE (mini) box of Tiffs Treats!!! I was pissed. The chocolate and crumbs was evident on my couch and my rug. She jumped up on my dining room¬†table and ate the entire box. That little B. I think I am honestly more jealous she got to have cookies than angry or worried that she was going to be sick all night. Anyway, I mowed my backyard, showered and went to the concert…sober. I did have a few sips of vodka soda as my date offered me a drink, but I said–“I just don’t think it will be worth it, to come this far, and have a few drinks–and for what? Plus I am driving…you drink, I will have water.” And so I did.


(she seriously needs the cone of shame every day)

Thoughts: Being in a hot ass crowd sober and listening to music is bearable–have I been in better predicaments? Absolutely. Is this how pregnant women feel who still go out?! Yikes. Coming home after a concert and eating my home made guac with celery does not equal Whataburger. Sigh. I know I will fell better tomorrow though.

{side note…when Molly finds a treat/food she REALLY likes, she hides it and “savors” it. I go into my bedroom to get ready for bed, turn down pillows and there it was–a half eaten chocolate chip with M&Ms cookies Molly had tried to save for later. That devil dog.}


(Fun fact-coconut water, splash of la croix and some strawberry and basil almost make you feel as if you are drinking!)

Wednesday, June 8, Whole 30 Day 8: First off, happy birthday Megan! Not going to her party tonight, because well it is at a bar where they serve BBQ, talk about temptation city. Weighed myself today-dropped 4lbs. Had an appt. where we met at HEB Mueller and just grabbed nuts and fresh fruit for lunch to eat. Come workout time–I was drained. This was due to somewhat of a busy day and lack of protein or carbs. I mean I think I actually yawned while working out…Came home, had salmon and sweet potatoes, gave me the energy to do a little home projects and blogging.

Thoughts: I need to start napping more. Soo  (yawn) tired.

Thursday June 9, Whole 30 Day 9: Today I learned that I am not supposed to have peanuts on Whole30! Whoops! Missed that somehow (can you tell I still haven’t finished the book…) But no biggie, they are just mixed in with some of the nuts I bought in bulk at HEB, but I haven’t been eating PB and celery non stop or anything. Today was on the go-ish as well, but I learned from yesterday’s mistakes and instead of just eating fruits and veggies I had eggs in the AM and then at our 2pm meeting pulled out my shredded chicken with avocado on top (yeah people were jealous). Worked out-endurance class. Then came home, had an hour to do some laundry and prep/eat before kickball. Did the spaghetti squash and turkey w W30 approved pasta sauce thing-eh (I get so bored of leftovers). And baked sweet potatoes for later. I f’n love sweet pots if you can’t tell. The good news is I am hosting some ladies this weekend for a Whole 30 pot luck dinner/game night. Much like my workouts–I do better when other people around me are in the same boat :) Tonight (literally before I typed this entry) I mixed egg, banana and cinnamon and made “pancakes” they looked like something Molly has thrown up, but fortunately were tasty. PS have the gas on low, I think it was burning off the coconut oil and cooking it too fast…so some were burnt (shocker, Ashley can’t do anything slow or on low heat).

Thoughts: 1. I cannot believe I posted that blog to facebook yesterday instead of just my closed accountability group…now I really have to stick this shit out and try and stay positive. ¬†2. It’s time to get creative and look on Pinterest or something, bc I am already bored with this food, how am I going to last 21 more days?!?!? 3. Mmmm sweet potatoes. And avocados…


Friday June 10, Whole 30 Day 10: Today was a back to back busy day for me, appts starting North to South. I did good-starting with some eggs (of course). ¬†I faltered at lunch a little. Ate at the Steeping Room with ¬†a friend who does Gluten Free. I got the “buddha bowl” with several modifications, no rice, no peanuts, add an egg, peanut sauce on side. And I dipped some of my meal into that peanut dressing because…well, because it tasted better that way, to be honest. My Friday night ended up being a run to HEB for a few things, some meal prep and dinner at home. Then I went to Lavaca Street Bar at the Domain and Dogwood. Yep. I drank water, caught the end of the Golden State game and socialized some. That did not last long. But I was proud of myself for resisting the urge to give in or make excuses.

Thoughts: I haven’t been to bed this early on a Friday night since…??

Saturday June 11, Whole 30 Day 11: Today I woke up, ate a peach on the way to the gym, got a work out in. Had brunch at East side Cafe–one of my most fav places in Austin. I resisted the jalapeno cornbread muffins. *Pats self on back* Then I got the asian salad, no peanuts, dressing on side, and the side of the acorn squash–because that things is so wonderful (sauce on side) I faltered again by dipping a little into the sauce which most likely has sugar, but figured in the grand scheme of Whole 30, it was going to be OK. Pool party for a bit, showed a home, {client I showed worked for Tito’s Vodka. He gave me a bottle. Of course! I get a free bottle when I am not drinking! But that’s ok, saving it for July 1} then headed to my house-I was hosting a whole 30 Potluck dinner with my support group! Aka the ladies I am doing Whole30 with from my gym. It was a success! And I honestly didn’t stop eating after they left. Shhh…Weighed myself–I know I am not supposed to do this, but it says 6lbs down. Can I tell by looking in mirror? No. Do I feel better? I suppose. But I think I feel better mentally–just knowing I have come this far, and with such clarity and preparation of each day than physically, but we will see how another week goes.



Thoughts: Perks on being a Whole 30 potluck dinner host: leftovers!! The “sad” part is this is my second Saturday morning that I somehow, still feel like I drank the night before, despite NOT drinking at all. How strange. Does the week beat me up that much that I cannot wake up early and function as an adult?

Me: *Lifts up shirt looking at self in mirror at the side view* Thinks: Am I skinny yet? (I know, I know, not the point of Whole 30….but seriously….)

Sunday June 12, Whole 30 Day 12: Today I slept in. Ah, not setting an alarm never felt so good (except I woke up way later than expected and didn’t get what I wanted to done)… Carmen’s Whole 30 buffalo chicken casserole was my breakfast and it was amazing (should have snagged more). Packed water and a few pieces of fruit. Played some¬†volleyball for several hours. Felt inspired from my dinner yesterday that I hosted and after a Depot run, I popped into Whole Foods for some ingredients. Bought 10 items, spent $100 (a slight exaggeration but these things happen at Whole Foods, ya know?). When I got home I did some house stuff and then started meal prepping. I intended to make dinner but ended up snacking on stuff and just made some items for the week to grab and go or have for lunch etc.: Bacon wrapped dates, turkey and zucchini fritters, bacon and egg cups, guacamole, diced up some veggies. Now it is work and blog time–and here I am.


Thoughts: Why didn’t I do this back in March? (And I say this because 1. it wasn’t in the midst of summer and swim suit season. 2. I had less social activities to attend to) ha

PS I made Tom Kha Soup—Whole 30 style and while it may not be as good as the one at Sway, it was pretty freakin’ tasty!


Monday June 13, Whole 30 Day 13: I like my Mondays because I have early meetings at our East Austin office so it forces me to get up and make a good breakfast before I begin my day. Came home for lunch, snacked quite a bit (plantain chips are the ya’ll) and today was leg day. Post leg day I had some of my zucchini turkey fritters I made last night and sweet potatoes. I find myself eating more than usual. Unsure if out of boredom or if something is missing. I also had some Tom Kha soup leftovers, watched a little Amy Schumer, got some work done…bed.

Thoughts: Starting to realize how much I eat out of pure instant gratification (despite the guilt I usually feel after eating something “bad.” If I want something I just pop¬†in (the convenient store) and get¬†it–with my gas fill up… when¬†on my way home from errands, if I am hungry (and lazy) I just pop in somewhere to grab a bite because I was “starving” I am curious what my groceries are this month in comparison to take out (I think I spent less…and I know I definitely have saved money on not purchasing my weekend alcohol and splurges.

Tuesday June 14, Whole 30 Day 14: Just like most days, had some breakfast, meeting, an appt, then back up at home for a late lunch. One thing I have definitely noticed is I am STILL (forever) not drinking enough water. After the Whole 30 Pot Luck last weekend, I am now up 2lbs. Whoops. I seem to eat quite a bit when home after my work out. Avocados. Can’t stop. Won’t stop. Nothing exciting to report food wise today–I am still eating fritters, and some chicken and potatoes I made in a crockpot today for din din.

Wednesday June 15, Whole 30 Day 15: HALF WAY THERE!!! So, today I had to go to lunch with a client for a meeting. We did Mad Greens-I just got my salad with no cheese and no dressing–it was fine, ok I missed a few items, but it really wasn’t terrible. I will tell ya what was terrible–the line at Mad Greens at noon-as well as parking-and the efficiency of the workers. I don’t think I saw one adult working either. #scary. I had a friend come over for dinner–he was astonished that I hadn’t had anything sweet. He is my 7-11 late night ice cream/skittles after we have been drinking partner in crime. #diabetesplease And I told him–it really wasn’t that bad! I made him a Whole 30 meal, he was actually impressed by (side note, he likes bland food haha and my chicken and potatoes from the crockpot were not that impressive, so I gave it to him to devour). He then insulted my dried apple chips–and said they tasted like sticks from my front yard. haha.

HALF WAY THOUGHTS: This is not that bad at all. I REALLY thought I would be missing my Kit Kats or starbursts next to the printer at the office, or cookies at the title co. and look at me–I am still alive and I am not dying.

Thursday June 16, Whole 30 Day 16: I am starting to run a little low on food and ideas on what to prep. So when I come home to make something, I end up eating a piece of fruit or re-heating something already in the fridge. Tonight I had kickball, and I honestly haven’t drank during the weekdays in a year or so. I drink on weekdays for special occasions and playoffs ha. I snacked on fruit as we all toasted to a girl on the team getting a new gig. Sigh.

Thoughts: Hmm what am I gonna eat tomorrow. And another weekend of no boozing…

Friday June 17, Whole 30 Day 17: Remember what I said about everything being “pretty easy and not that bad” two days ago? I take it all back. Today I sort of hit a “low” As I was driving home from being out on appts¬†(and not eating in several hours) I thought about the food that lie ahead…cold, tasteless to me at this point, in tupperware in my fridge. I don’t want any of that in the fridge. I want a glass of wine. It is Friday, it was a long day (and I am grateful for how busy I am with work, don’t get me wrong) but a girl needs a glass of wine around 6pm-especially after dealing with Austin traffic. I went to a play for a co-worker. It was cute. But it was weird to be out and about on a Friday night, dressed up–and nothing to look forward to food and drink wise–is that sad? Free Tito’s at the play too…I drank Topo (now I see why everyone loves this stuff too). Later I ate at 24 diner, got the veggie hash, no onion, sub sweet potatoes, add bacon. Mmmmm.

Thoughts: I cannot believe I went to 24 Diner and didn’t get a milk shake and/or chicken and waffles. Who am I and what have I become?!?!? So proud of myself, and yet a little sad inside. **Good to Know:**¬†Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Whole 30 all comes down to that phrase, basically.

Saturday June 18, Whole 30 Day 18: Today I had a photoshoot with Big Brother Big Sis and my little. So, I woke up early, got ready for that and didn’t eat much-packed some fruit to go. After that I went to a going away party for friends. Lucky me! The freakin’ pizza got there right as I arrived. OMG it looked so amazing-smelled so amazing AND there was cake!! I had more Topo Chico and chatted with friends, I ate a ton of fruit (sorry everyone who was there, it was me who ate the whole fruit platter!) and a few veggies (broccolli raw is so gross, I can’t.) After, I showed houses and then I was SUPER hungry, so I did a Whole Foods run and stocked up on a few more things and ate at the salad bar there. I went out to the Domain with a few girlfriends–I don’t necessarily regret going out and drinking soda and conversing, Buuuuut definitely different sober. And by different¬†I mean not as fun–let’s be real–loud, crazy, youngsters in the bar? It’s already bad enough while¬†I am drinking, but sober?!?! Shoot me. But I hung in there to be social and get out of the house….but painting my guest room and doing some database clean up now seems more appropriate of a time filler for the next time I am asked, note to self.

bri and ash

Thoughts: Topo Chico is really good but Dogwood, really? $3.85 for one that you didn’t even give me the full bottle?!??! Also, can¬†someone come over and make me some cool Whole 30 dishes. I am over meal prep and chopping up stuff. I think I need that foam mat people stand on in the kitchen now.

Sunday June 19, Whole 30 Day 19: Happy Father’s Day to all the Pops out there! Today I cheated. Yep, you read that right…here is what happened: Guess who woke up hydrated ready to mow her lawn at 9am? This girl! Started laundry, made a grocery list. Then I played in a sand volleyball tournament. So at 2pm I had only eaten a banana and a peach–I know, terrible, I was just sort of busy. I then went shopping for a mountain bike. Right after that was a movie I promised to take my little to. I stopped to get her and her little brother snacks at the store. There was literally not one thing in there I could eat–and I was starting to get hungry. No time to stop at home, no time to stop at SnapKitchen. Got to movie, got them some popcorn and as I stood in line I thought long and hard…

What a hard internal struggle! Seriously there was a devil on one shoulder and angel on the other. I was SUPER HUNGRY. Don’t do it Ashley! Yes Ashley, you haven’t eaten much all day, you need this. Ashley, just wait-movie will be done in two hours. No, Ashley, you haven’t stopped all weekend, just eat something.

And so I did. I ordered a hotdog. It was terrible, but good enough to fill those hunger pangs. I don’t even regret it. Ok maybe a tad…it all came down to my lack of planning ahead. I never would have guessed I would have cheated with a movie theater hot dog, ew.


(Happy Father’s Day lil bro–yes, my nephew is the cutest!)

Thoughts: I was just reading the chapter on how to add foods¬†back in to your diet after Whole 30 is done. They recommend starting with dairy first, for three days-and seeing how body reacts, then grains, but they don’t recommend adding back in gluten, etc. It also mentioned-do not add anything back in, if you don’t miss it.

That really got me thinking–What am I really missing? Is it sad that the thing I miss the most is alcohol?? I really thought it would be sugar and my stubborn sweet tooth (which yes, alcohol has sugar) but I would kill a kitten for a glass of red wine with dinner…or margarita on a patio…or deep Eddy grapefruit + soda out with friends or..or…


**Side note-Finding Dory was super cute, I think I laughed out loud more than the kiddos.


(This is that buffalo chicken casserole, Whole 30 style from PaleOMG’s blog and while it is spicy I can surprisingly handle it-I am a sissy when it comes to spice but can’t stop eating this one)

Monday June 20, Whole 30 Day 20: Last night I was up late baking a few dishes (see above). Today I had buffalo chicken casserole for breakfast-and a banana w almond butter that I took to the office. A few appts, then late lunch of buffalo chicken casserole and after a hefty leg workout, guess what I had for dinner? Yep, Buffalo chicken casserole. Snack: plantain chips. I have a few things that are chopped up for roasting that I was in no mood for cooking, which, I realize is why I pretty much eat out of pure convenience pre-Whole 30. I wouldn’t call it lazy, because I am not a lazy person, it’s just that preparing a delicious healthy meal isn’t as much of a priority as my work sometimes and things to get done…sadly.

Thoughts: After all these sacrifices how do I not look anorexic by now? Depressing. Yes, yes I know, not about the scale, it’s about your relationship with food, but come on now! Why does it have to be so easy to pack on a few lbs., and yet so trying to shred a few? 10 more days left.

Tuesday June 21, Whole 30 Day 21: Another typical day on Whole 30. Breakfast lunch and dinner all consisted of my casserole and raw fruits and veggies in between as snacks. I had little date with dogs (dogsitting two labs this week) at Yard bar. Though I cannot drink, it was still a good evening, nice weather and lots to watch (and tire out the pups after my workout).

Thoughts: 9 more days. 9 more days. 9 more days. Scale went

Wednesday June 22, Whole 30 Day 22: Guess who worked out in the morning? This girl! I did shoulders today so I could see Baby Hulbert #2 in the evening. Today I worked from home most the day which is always nice to get more meal prepping done. I need variety and convenience all at once. Ate some tom kha soup, went to the hospital, smelled the TIff’s treats that were delivered to Court (Sigh). Then went to Whole Foods. I ran into someone from the gym whose spouse is also doing the challenge. He said she missed alcohol and ice cream the most. I AM NOT ALONE! Yes, those are my top two as well.


(22 days on Whole 30 and you can see some definition in my arms, or could be the tan…you be the judge)

Thoughts: How did I not know I could have certain Lara bars on Whole 30?!?! These are more tastier than I remember!


Thursday June 23, Whole 30 Day 23: Breakfast (prosciutto egg cups I made a few days ago) Work. Dentist. Inspection. More work. Kickball. while at home I had some plantain chips and guac, a peach, some more of my tom kha. I am not digging the chicken curry so I think I just wasted 1lb of chicken. I feel like I am eating less, so that’s a plus–or maybe I am just too busy and it isn’t out of boredom? Kickball was a double header, in which we won! I yawned about 20x while playing.

Thoughts: What’s all this I read about feeling energetic and alive on Whole 30? I miss my Spark fo sho.

Friday June 24, Whole 30 Day 24: It’s Friday. Oh how I miss my happy hours. After a crazy week of work (getting four homes under contract) you bet your a$s I want to celebrate/unwind. Buuut I did not. I crafted. I don’t have a guest this weekend, so I am finally going to take advantage of sprucing up my guest room how I wanted…Paint, a decal and chalk painting the furniture. So I did that. Sarah joined me and we caught up and watched some OITNB. I also ate about a whole pack of (whole 30 approved) bacon (whoops)! Apparently it taste good wrapped around the following: butternut squash, pitted dates, and artichokes.

IMG_9056 IMG_9057

(painting a side table while watching OITNB, then at 11pm I decided to start painting the guest room)

Thoughts: The calories don’t count if I can’t/don’t have all the other crap I would normally eat on a Fri. night, right?


Saturday June 25, Whole 30 Day 25: Today was a hike with the pups at the greenbelt and friends (fruit for breakfast), bought a mountain bike, showed two different clients homes, then headed South for a bachelorette shin dig that the host so kindly let me know what was going to be on the menu. I knew way in advanced about the party-so I already passed on the night out DT (I knew it was not going to be enjoyable for me, plus I had some work to do). I brought my plantain chips for the guac and hydrated well, then was a DD for the group. I came home, started to write an offer for a client, finished painting guest room and cleaned up my mess.


Above: Pups loving their lives at The Greenbelt, bright and early-which wouldn’t be possible usually bc I am too tired to get up and Below wishing our friend safe travels and new memories as she moves away.


So much time this month with all my pregnant friends who can’t drink haha.

Thoughts: At least I have been productive af this month…there is a light at the end of this tunnel!

DSC_0847 DSC_0849

My guest room (almost) complete!

Sunday June 26, Whole 30 Day 26: I finished off my prosciutto egg cups and sat down with my iPad on Pinterest “what to make for these last few days, what to make…” Then caught up with a friend, volunteered and went swimming. Ya’ll today I felt so urban. I biked, yes biked to Whole Foods on my new bike. Picked up my items and stored them in my messenger bag and biked on home. I am so hip. Love the new bike. Love these evenings we have been having despite the heat. This week I am making a pork roast. It was pretty easy and I found the recipe on Pinterest. The guy behind the counter asked me if I was training for something. I was puzzled and said “No…” And he cut me off to say “if you were training for something I definitely wouldn’t recommend pork shoulder” and I then explained I am doing Whole 30 and I will eat whatever the F I can and didn’t need his judgement. Just kidding, I didn’t say that, I was flattered he thought I was “training for something.” And just told him I was trying a recipe I saw. Then I got my roast in the crockpot, rode around some more, got the house ready for my next Air bnb guest, that’s my Sunday Funday folks. For dinner–I am REALLY struggling. I found some ground chicken I was going to use for fritters, but seasoned it, cooked it up and ate it with tomatoes, avocado and pineapple salsa over mixed greens-pretty tasty. Also had some sweet potatoes (duh).

**Side note: My air bnb guest is a cool chick from Salt Lake, here for a work training. She was a sports science and nutrition major, has done Whole 30…errr 15. But currently is on a program where she is eating a ton of protein, eating 6x per day and already shredded 6% body fat in four weeks {#dedication}. We chatted about that and traveling etc. She said her goal is to be in the best shape of her life by the time she is 30 (in December) and she is visiting her 30th country on her 30th (Australia). I’m jealous. She cool. Maybe she will be my friend.**

Thoughts: This pork (ready at midnight) is tasty. Can’t wait to mix it with eggs tomorrow and eat it all week. Is it Friday yet?!?!? Also, I have been eating a lot of fruit on this thing–probably more than I should. Oh well, too late to start over now!

Monday June 27, Whole 30 Day 27!!!!: Final home stretch. I woke up and weighed myself and I am at my 2011 weight aka my “skinny summer” as I call it. Even though at the time I didn’t think I looked any different and “had more work to do” much like now. But there’s no way I could sustain Whole 30 for Whole 90 or anything (I miss my social life, but it will take a little more discipline to maintain). Not that the scale matters (blah blah blah, it feels good though! Must have been all that bike riding I did yesterday ha). I mixed my pork with eggs and avocado (but then got a real estate “emergency” call and ran out the door and took breakfast with me then my eggs got cold and I heated them up at the office and they weren’t that great (re-do tomorrow). It’s now midnight and I am famished. Despite having throughout the day: a lara bar, apple, banana, more mixed fruit, roasted sweet potatoes and then I tried a new snap kitchen dish that was paleo and fantastic–and whole 30 compliant!! Brisket Hash (I ate that post workout but pre-kickball game).

Thoughts: How can I keep losing weight and feel great but not be on Whole 30 all the time? Ugh life struggles.

Tuesday June 28, Whole 30 Day 28: Lots to do this AM, so Snap kitchen’s paleo apple chicken sausage egg stack it is! Closing, then looked at a house I am going to lease on the east side (after the bum moves out and we get fresh paint). I was starving by that point so I found the paleo salmon salad at Snap Kitchen and a juice as a snack. More work at home. Then a really good conditioning workout with TDL FIT (30min of assault bike and a bunch of other stuff-it was a good one!) Followed by crafting with a friend at my house. We ate off my roast some more over mixed greens with plantain chips, avocado and tomato like a salad, salsa as dressing.

Thoughts: Scale went down a few more lbs. Holy $hit. I need to finish this It Starts with Food book so I can know what to do come this weekend. Must. Stay. Strong.


{Some of the perks of this challenge have been the opportunity to hang with people I don’t always get to hang with and work on stuff I never set aside time for (ie this 4th of July wreath above with my expecting friend, Krystle)}

Wednesday June¬†29, Whole 30 Day 29: Still eating off that roast from Sun night–heated that up in coconut oil. Did two eggs over medium and diced avocado on top-mmmmm mmmmm. Had Snap Kitchen for a late lunch. Shoulder day at gym. Then a ride around the hood on my new bike. Dinner was some leftover Tom Kha soup (it is bare-ish bones in my fridge right now and I am trying to use up all I can before grocery shopping. If I am sick tomorrow it could be because that soup has been in there a while. Oops). Then working on stuff for the rest of the evening.


{Side note: That new Hulu show, Casual. Me likey.}

Thoughts: Should I start day 31 with Ben and Jerry’s Chubby Hubby or Blue Bell Cookies n Cream? Meeting a friend for happy hour on Friday and they asked: Wine or a cocktail first. I don’t even know. I have some big decisions to make this week.

Thursday ¬†June¬†30, Whole 30 Day 30: Woohoo! It is my last day of Whole 30. I finished up some stuff in the fridge, had snap kitchen and fruit at kickball. Then our game ended late and with only two official hours to go-I had a margarita with a few on the team. Yep, a little cheat–but don’t care! I have come this far, I wanted a ‘rita, and that’s what I got at Doc’s.


(Molly is also a big fan of Snap Kitchen–got into the lasagna while I changed for kickball).


(One of my most guilty pleasures, a marg on a patio)

Post Whole 30 Thoughts (Friday July 1): Honestly, I am a little lost. I don’t want to go crazy over this holiday weekend and “ruin” all my hard work. I am 10lbs down (my 2011 Summer weight aka my “skinny summer” ha) I tried on my 4th of July swimsuit(s) {hey! I couldn’t decide which one to wear} and I can actually see a difference… I feel good. People tell me I look great (but then again they all know I haven’t been out in a month and saw my blog post to FB so they know I have been working hard ha). I had a lot of “epiphanies” and realizations…for example how much crap I just eat because it is there. And how¬†if I really plan and put my mind to something, I can skip out on the fast food or the convenience items and prepare a healthier meal at home. Now is the time for me to add back in dairy (and I am adding in alcohol, I mean it is a holiday weekend) and see how it goes…


Post Whole 30 pic above (I cannot believe I just posted a swimsuit selfie pic on the Internet of me and my messy room). I don’t really have a “before photo” nor do I have measurements, but I weighed myself.

July 5, Post Whole 30 Day 5: The holiday weekend wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. However, lots of¬†feelings of guilt and confusion. Yes, I do want a milkshake, yes I do want the fries and yes I do want the corn tortilla chips with the dip not the plantain chips, but no I don’t really need any of those items. To eat it or not to eat it?!?! You have to pick your battles. And if I was good at mindful eating, I wouldn’t have had to do Whole 30 in the first place, right? Perhaps I am just better with black and white rules vs. be mindful and eat to nourish your body. Pizza sure does nourish my body.

Holiday weekend highs and lows: Friday I ate Whole 30¬†with the exception of adding blue cheese crumbles to a salad and a little dash of dressing AND I had alcohol. Saturday was all day at the lakes (yes plural, went to both) and I will say I am proud that my lake snacks didn’t consist of Pizza flavored Pringles or Doritos, but fresh cut fruit, carrots, plantain chips and then finally split a BBQ plate at a party with a friend (you pick your battles). Sunday was pool party (more alcohol) and with some fellow W30 ladies, and we chatted about the aftermath of “what now?” One said–I ate Whole 30 all day, then I had some ice cream, because I missed that–and I still felt fine, so I think it is ok if you are mostly eating Whole 30. Yet I think we are all in the boat of “what now?”


I tried that new place Irene’s. Loved the vibe and decor (the Old Lucy’s on West) but…service and menu were “eh” The disappointing part is when you decide to eat “bad” and it isn’t even worth it. Reviews on Irene’s later.

I was also sent this great article on Mindful Eating and forgiving yourself. Two things I am not great at, yet always “working on.” I am really hard on myself so it seems like whatever decision I make always has some sort of consequence or regret later (yes, it’s exhausting, and I am not just referring to food, I am even referring to the fact I wish I could be two places at once, I hate choosing one person’s invite¬†over another’s etc.) But I have to have a lot of self talk about living with decision I made. My social personality and desire to be around others vs. my desire to want to be a healthier, happier person is like a see-saw, literally has highs and lows where one side of me always feels like she is missing out.

ANYWAY…hope you enjoyed the longest blog I have ever written and you can resonate. Perhaps you will give Whole 30 a go, perhaps you just liked reading, but I hope you got a little something from it, if not a few laughs. Cheers, friends and best wishes to you!


Ch-ch-chaanges! A Few of My Favorite Things In March-ch-ch in the ATX

Hello, hello my little Austinites and then some! How are you??!!

Fantastic, I hope!

I wanted to share with you: Things I am Hearting: The Spring Break Edition

From Austin developments and Spring flowers…to staying indoors and pretending you have cable. Here we go.


(a collection of a few of my favorite hearts from all over)

Because there¬†are some¬†ch-ch-changes, as we transition from Texas winter to Spring…

david bowie

(in honor of the late David Bowie and #sxsw RIP, David!)


  1. That Texas state flower.

Yep, it’s that time of the year. SXSW is in town, traffic lightens up for a week during March, and the blue bonnets-yes, that pretty Texas state flower adorns MoPac, 360 and random spots among our neighborhoods and parks. We pull over on road trips and take photos in them…they may be¬†cliche, but ya know what?!?–I don’t care. Embrace it, Texans!


(Molly 2015-when I first got her)

Blue bonnets are the first sign of Spring! Which means for Austinites: patio drinking weather, a trip to the beach with the kiddos, Spring Break, Sxsw, outdoor home projects, June bugs and mosquitos, Air Bnb and Home Away making a ton of money and my yard is so green (though most of it is weeds, ha), but the flowers are in bloom.


(Molly 2016, on our walk the other day)


2. Rock Rose.

As most of you know, the Domain is blowing up! I have always enjoyed the Domain, as I have lived North/N. Central for some time and it was a quick stop for a new outfit or dinner at North, a Starbucks date or The Park happy hour.


(Girl’s Night with my Northie gal pals)

I could do without California Pizza Kitchen and Maggiano’s and some of the other chains (but they do well, so what can ya do?) It is now “uptown” in our growing metro. #Rockrose is the street developers decided to ask¬†popular, LOCALish businesses to expand a second location here for the most part. We have West 6th’s Dogwood and Kung Fu among a few other bars expected to open-as well as Lavaca Street + a Surf N Turf restaurant. Finally bars “up here” so we don’t have to trek downtown with Lyft and Uber surge pricing and all the craziness at times.


Also…A fancy cocktail bar called St. Genevieve, that just opened, looked swanky (I still need to try-who is in?)¬†Sway (oh sweet mother, thank you, thank you!!) is opening their second location. Then you have: East side King’s Thai Kun, which I tried last weekend (be prepared spice lovers! It is melt your face off spicy!) I also had the opportunity to try Mia’s, a tapas bar that finally has small plates (we ate too fast to take photos)–but not just four choices, but like fourteen. Also has pizzas and a few Italian entrees on menu, but portions and atmosphere were perfecto!

IMG_6835 IMG_6837

(Wings on left as an app, the Larb to the right (one of the spiciest dishes on menu–not mine!)


(crab rice)


(Cheers–at Jack and Ginger’s)

{Sidenote: My biggest complaint as Austin turns into more of a foodie town is how proud some places are…meaning overpriced with these tiny little plates and they aren’t even that spectacular (anyone else miss the good ol days when ALL my Austin restaurant favorites were under $10 and low key?…or am I just getting older now so I can afford more/have better taste?? ha)}


(Kung Fu set to open 3pm 3.15.16, I happened to be in the area 3.14-Pi Day! and snapped the last minute project finishing up)

There’s a Colorado chain opening up a Mad Greens. A Dallas chain opening up Velvet Taco. And you can also find Tarka Indian kitchen (already open) and Salvation Pizza–hurry up and open already, that’s been a tease for a while. You won’t just find food either–CorePower Yoga and Bird’s Barber shop as well as a Men’s Clothing boutique called Weathered Coalition that will have a wifi lounge and coffee and whiskey bar…oh and a barber shop–say whaaat?! And I wish my hair girl lived North so she would be up here as well, but at least I will now have a Jose Luis Salon toward the end of 2016 as well (their third location and highly recommended by yours truly) woohoo!

3. Hulu’s New Mini Series

Just a shout out to Hulu for making me feel like I have cable again. I wait every Monday for the new show with James Franco time traveling to stop the assassination of JFK each week. It’s called: 11.22.63. As much as I wish they would just release all of them for me to binge watch like House of Cards and other Netflix originals, I now have something to look forward to (after Sunday’s Walking Dead of course). J.J Abrams + Stephen King. It’s a bit eerie, a bit romantic, a bit historical, and I like it. Check it out.


(I do not have James Franco or Hulu’s permission for this image, but hopefully they like me promoting their show, thanks Google!)



IheartTheATX February Likes

It’s that time again…

Another blog post on things I am currently hearting and want to take the time to share.

Honestly, as a creature of habit these posts can be difficult. I haven’t been going out to eat a lot (so I have no cool restaurant recs currently-but open to suggestions!). I am back in my Snap Kitchen phase (and therefore eating the same fav 4 items)..

but I do have a few things that have been in my life these past few things, and here they are-What I am currently hearting February


(heart above from Mallorca, Spain)

1. Feng Shui (FUNG SHWAY)

I got a book for Christmas on Feng Shui that I asked for and since reading, have spruced up my home a bit and learned quite a bit on the ancient Chinese subject. Then, last week I hosted a “good fortune gathering”¬†in celebration of the Chinese New year in conjunction with a speaker who is very knowledgeable on the topic of Feng Shui. I invited some great ladies¬†over to my house to hear what Stacy had to say, and learn a few things on the topic.

{Side note, it there has been one thing that has changed over the last few years in my life it is: who I surround myself with. I feel as though it keeps getting better, more Quality, less quantity. As I looked around my “Good Fortune” event, I saw a room filled with positive, open minded, successful, strong, caring, happy women. I am grateful to have them in my life}


Anyway, I started reading “Move Your Stuff, Change your Life.” It’s not about throwing out a bunch of stuff and having your couch face a specific way, (but warning, it may inspire you to sit down and go through some junk, which was nice) but more about the intentions behind where you place certain items in your home. Many companies (take Hyundai for instance, built and designed their whole building in CA based on feng shui principals). You may not necessarily believe in the unseen energy, but some feel more connected than others, and I figure it can’t necessarily hurt, only help to move a few things around (with the positive thought of what’s to come behind it). It’s as easy as that–from writing your intentions, to placing a mirror in your entrance-yet not facing the front door. Placing specific items of specific colors in corresponding places of the bagua. But, I will let you reach out to me if additional questions, maybe I can help-but I am no expert, or purchase the book here¬†and read more for yourself.

bagua grid

Above is the bagua (place the bagua over a floorplan of your home, with front door being on bottom line and these are the different areas of your home for you to feng shui)

2. 365 Thank Yous: The Year a Simple Act of Daily Gratitude Changed My Life

Last week I was in a training all week. It was sales and real estate related, but it was so much more than that. The speaker instructed us to buy a¬†book called 365 Thank Yous. And I haven’t finished yet, but thought I would share. Here’s the synopsis on the back: “An inspiring, true story about how a simple old-fashioned act-writing thank-you notes–lead a hopeless, angry, middle aged man out of despair and into a wonderful life.”

365 thank yous

A few years back (I want to say the start of 2013, I was at an all time low (for me). I consider myself a fairly happy and positive person, but I was not doing so hot where I want to be in life, not doing so hot in business and I couldn’t see clearly of how to get there, either. I was harder on myself than usual, with low confidence and self esteem, and overall just disappointed in myself for letting it get to that point. I was stressed and overall¬†sad about what my life was comprised of and who I was and wasn’t surrounding myself with). As I started to read this book I resonated with the writer and the point of his life at where he was (and yet I don’t even feel the pressure of providing for a family, so I often have that to be thankful for).

I haven’t finished the book, but I can already tell you I find it a great read and look forward to finishing it up soon. Gratitude doesn’t come easy for most of us (including me) in addition to always thinking positively. Especially this day in age with social media and someone ALWAYS selling something–we often think of what we DON’T have or what we want next, vs looking at all the wonderful¬†things we already have in our life… and I am not even talking about material things (coffee, internet and seat warmers in our car) but much deeper things…such as people, emotions, our health, etc.


As most of you know I started a “happy jar” last year, and practicing gratitude only coincides. If you don’t have a stationary set (especially you fellas) I recommend you pick one up next time you are out…and either write down good things as they come to you, or write thank you notes when you are really feeling thankful for someone.

{Fun fact: Thank you notes from men are MUCH better well received than from women, because we (women) have been writing them much longer than males to where it is sometimes expected. So set yourself apart fellas, and make someone feel appreciated today-write them a note!}

thank you on beach

3. Walnut Creek Metropolitain Park

If you have been in Austin long enough, you know that the greenbelt trails are South and West. Actually, it seems like all the good hiking trails, hidden waterfall gems, off leash parks are all well, South.

I wanted to share some info on Walnut Creek! I have been dog sitting my Dad’s (ok and what was once mine-Jack) labs¬†this past week as he is working and felt bad about boarding them. We have been having some amazing weather lately, and while my yard is nice (in fact, as I write this in my office ¬†I hear Molly and Riley playing in the yard, with the window open, she growls so loud you wouldn’t know she was a Maltipoo) it is no huge off leash park with watering hole and trails.


(the pups post park on Saturday-patiently awaiting me to throw a ball).

When I first moved to Austin I took Jack (my black lab) to Sculpture Falls, Red Bud, running on Lady Bird lake and to socialize with other dogs at Audi Shores, but alas…I am a Northie now. And if you haven’t been to Walnut Creek (this is also where I play kickball sometimes) I have to say–it is pretty great! Tons of trails dedicated to bikers, hikers and off leash dogs as well. I took the dogs Saturday and they had a blast, and best of all (what all dog owners want upon return) they were exhausted! The water was up, the dogs splashed and swam and fetched, then walked uphill, downhill and all about, excited to come home and lay in the Air conditioning (after I hosed them down in the yard of course). So regardless if you are a dog owner/lover or not. If you enjoy checking out new trails (and even getting a bit lost) or taking out your mountain bike–(or the kids to a playground), Walnut Creek is¬†worth checking out!


Click the link above for a video of Riley fetching rocks at Walnut Creek…yes, rocks.

Anyway, as always, thanks for reading and in honor of the month of February–Molly hopes you had a fantastic Valentine’s Day…


What I am Hearting: the Hello 2016 Edition

Oh my my, it has been a while since my last blog post. I am sorry I have failed you readers (all 4 of you).

So we are off to a new year. Hello 2016…

Year after year I try this whole “I am going to start doing ___” I am going to _________ (drink more water, lose weight, floss more, be more positive)” blah blah blah (the usual for me)

Change is hard, yet it is something I am constantly striving¬†¬†to do. (or perhaps not change completely, but “better myself” is a better description). I can’t help but to reflect at the end of the year and ask myself “What can I do better? Or differently? and Is that what I really want?” even though I think resolutions are somewhat silly.

Which leads me to one of my 2016 goals-be more consistent in my writing. I am not really sure why I want to be more regimented with it. But consistency and this outlet is nice. So here we go.

FINALLY…here’s a few things I am hearting this month.


(Infamous heart photo–this one is from Nov. 2015 Central America trip)

1. Happy Jar.

Last year I kept a jar in my living room. A gold spray painted mason jar that I labeled “2015.” Next to it was some cut up pieces of (scrapbook) paper. Every time something good happened-big or small…I wrote it down.


“A few of them read: A girl at the gym today told me I looked really pretty especially for not having any make up on.” You may see this as a slight back-handed comment, I will take it.

“Closed on my home, drank Dom’, went to happy hour with the bestie at Bess’ Bistro, then Aziz Ansari’s book signing, today was a great day.”

And here’s another one below about being an Auntie.




(obligatory bragging on cute nephew pic)

I read them (some aloud, some to myself) on New year’s day with some friends. One friend said they were going to implement this with their team at work to read at the end of the quarter to celebrate. Not a bad idea.

I read an article last year regarding¬†“practices and habits of some of the top business women” and most of them started their day with a gratitude journal, meditating or some type of healthy breakfast or¬†a morning jog/yoga sesh. Since I am not a super early riser¬†nor a meditator…and I did Yoga twice all of last year… I opted for gratitude. I truly believe people who give and who are thankful for what they have are more happy, and I’d say despite the occasional downs here and there, I am doin’ just fine.

2016 Goal: Favorite moment of the day book.

I bought my friend a “Favorite moment of the day Journal” and I wish I would have picked one up for myself, now. However,¬†I grabbed a little journal and each night write a favorite moment. Fortunately, I am day six in, each entry there has been more than one favorite moment for the day. I challenge you to do something similar.

2. Feng Shui

Some of my very first clients I ever worked with were VERY into Feng Shui. At the time I remember thinking it was kind of peculiar. We could pull up to a house and they knew instantly- “let’s skip this one.” However, they were successful. They were at peace. They were happy. ¬†So, my mama got me a book for Christmas this year on de-cluttering and Feng Shui-ing my home. I am on day three of rearranging. I see it’s purpose. Some of it sounds wacky, but I have several more chapters to go.


It does NOT¬†work like this “I put purple in the prosperity corner of my home, should get a check in the mail any day now” but more of: when you do things with intent, those things will come to you because our minds are very powerful (and this coincides with another favorite book of mine The Secret and maybe my “sales- like/positive thinking/write down your goals/surround yourself by those who you want to be like and will lift you up” mindset).

Feng Shui tips (or skip ahead): Some things I have learned, and again this TOTALLY depends on the layout of your home…Your prosperity area should have red, coins, shiny objects, purple, water or photo of water. Your front door entry should be free of debris, well lit and inviting. You do not want mirrors or stairs facing the front from the inside. Black, white, round objects, water and some red for energy are all very inviting items to have when you walk in a home. I haven’t bought anything new for my home after reading the book, I basically walk around and note specific items and move a photo or candle here or there, or clear an area of mirrors etc.

Who knows if feng shui actually works, but it definitely couldn’t hurt, right?!

3. Celestone Soluspan-say what?

The funny (funny ironic, not funny “haha”) thing about that silly Time Hop app. is seeing that I complained about allergies last year, the year before, the year before and so forth about the same time each year… Besides traffic it is my second complaint to this wonderful city. Most of the time I wait until I am MISERABLE and head to the Redi-Clinic, barely being able to breathe and wanting to claw my eyes out-and I get a shot. This time, after a few nights of being woken up by sneezing like crazy i went in to get the steroid shot, Celestone. They looked at my chart- she said “oh you were here last year about this time” and boom, a lil shot in the butt. Am I 100%? Nah, I still take a zyrtec on really¬†bad days, but I am 98% much better. If your insurance doesn’t cover the year round allergy shots, or you are tired of Flo-Nase, Claritin and the like, do yourself a favor and get you a steroid shot (you know, if your doc says it is cool and all).

austin allergy chart

I have more things to share but I will keep it to three. As always, thanks for reading!

My Top Dates of 2015 (that actually never happened)

Last year I wrote about my Top Dates of 2014.

And by “top”¬†I mean, pretty awful, but always humorous events to tell about, of course…

This year I surprisingly (and thankfully) don’t have terrible dating moments to share (ask me about Molester Mike when you see me, I feel too bad blogging about this one).



NUMBER 5: Mr. Philanthropy

(He did a ton of volunteering, seemed like a nice dude). Got my number on a Sat. touching base with me, text, text blah blah, I like this, cool, I live in that part of town, blah blah…

Him: let’s get together tomorrow then?

Me: Ah, sorry I can’t plans with friends, but after?

Him: Ah, no time, but we can schedule something next week.

Him on Monday: Proposes Ice Cream at Lick off Burnet on Wednesday. (swoon, he picked a place I was going to be near and didn’t pussy foot, but made a plan)

Me: Cool, that works, see you there, blah blah blah, texty text, blah blah things we both have in common yadda yadda

Him on Tuesday 10:44pm: I have to cancel. I have been seeing a woman that I want to move forward with, best of luck!

Me: Cool, thanks for being up front, good luck to you too.

SIDE NOTE: Is this what guys say now instead of the truth? Is this what he really meant:

“Hey gotta cancel, I can tell I am actually not that interested in you and I just matched up with a chick that’s way hotter”

“Hey you are actually pretty boring over text, so I think I am gonna pass”

I will take the “moving on, good luck” over the actual truth, I guess. Just don’t ghost me-man that is annoying.

winston churchill quote


(If you have read my past blogs you know my hatred for “lol”) Mr. LOL gets my digits on a Wednesday…it’s honestly irrelevant, but I will tell you we lasted until a Sunday, no date ever planned…but I think I am ok with that.

The next series are his responses/comments in our textversation (literally I am scrolling down and typing in his answers) this guy has so much to talk about ya’ll, I tried, I really did: (note any grammatical mistakes are not on my part, I am doing this verbatim, but he wasn’t that bad, actually).

lol youre so tough.

Lol youre so traditional

That’s sexy to me (no I didn’t send him nudes, ¬†I told him I was somewhat traditional)

Again, I know how to treat a woman you’ll see

I think it’s 50/50

should be

Lol so does attitude

(sends me a photo of a weird seal making a face-I think he’s trying to be funny, it does not pertain to our convo) I ask him if he had plans this weekend –and next few responses:

Lol not really and you?


Still playing (he is referring to me asking him how his poker game is going)

Lol calm down (I joked no cell phones at the poker table)

I won!

Lol ugh


And then he sent me a photo in the bathroom, with a backward caps lifting his shirt up showing me his flexed abs.

I will stop there. That’s all you really need to know.

(SIDE NOTE: 25 Things Men in their 30s need to STOP doing)

i hate lol

NUMBER 3: Mr. Nanna Helper

Started texting me on a Saturday. Blah blah blah from Austin, family here, has a business dealing with real estate blah blah blah commonalities, that’s cool, oh you like doing stuff to your house me too, blah blah text text text. Let him go, had dinner plans. Seemed like a good ol boy, which I liked.

Him Sunday: Good Morning! Happy Sunday! Blah blah, text, text, told him about news I got that day, blah blah, texty text banter.

Monday: Hey How’s it going, just helping out my Nanna, she lives down the street from me.

Me: I am off to the gym, but let’s chat later. I follow up. Blah blah gym was brutal…

Him: Blah blah I think I am getting sick blah blah what are you up to?

Me: researching vacations blah yadda yadda.. where to go, I love travel (it was late)

Tuesday HIm: Follows up on travel conversation, says he has only been to Mexico.

Me: It happens, do you have the desire to travel more?

Never heard from him again. Awesome.

NUMBER 1: Mr. Eureka

Met a guy when we were out-left him my number. He followed up and it was before I was going out on the lake, so I told him if he could be at Hula Hut in an hour, he could come with. He did, it was fine. Ate dinner with us (left wallet in boat, so I paid). This was in August–it was actually on my birthday. So technically we did go out (but it was him submerged with all my friends on the lake, unsure if you call that a real date).

That night: Texted me he had fun, we should hang out some time!

Me: Yeah, I had fun too and sounds good!

Sep from him: Texty text, blah blah, how are things, we should get together some time.

Me: Yeah, sounds good.

Dec. 8, 8:31pm

Him: Whatcha doin?

Me: about to get some work done

Him: Well damn. My life is pretty 9-5 now so let’s meet up sometime soon.

Me: Nice having evenings open, huh? Sounds good

Him: Yeah for sure

Never heard from him again.

NUMBER 5: Mr. Football

Matched on Bumble (a dating app. similar to Tinder with better quality guys and girls have to write first)

Oct. 16: I opened with “which team should I pick for my win in my eliminator challenge?” and gave him the teams I was deciding between.

blah blah, chiefs, blah blah vikings, blah blah bad picks, blah, texty text, from Austin, text text I went to Tx State as well, oh cool what was your major? blah blah blah. football emjoi, hand clapping emoji,

Asked for my number Oct. 26 (yes, 10 days later) after texting pretty much daily here and there and emojid our way through conversations.

Blah blah, Oh we know the same people, blah, texty text, Austin is so small, “lol” blah, yadda yadda, thumbs up emoji, beer mug emoji, yes I go to that bar too…blah blah blah, emoji, wink face, tongue out emoji,

Last Text Sent: Nov. 5

Never had a date, nor a phone call, but we sure did “talk” a lot of football and I tip my hat to a few of his correct picks, helping me through quite a ways. I also used emojis I hadn’t before, so that was a for sure perk.

football pretty boy

And that ladies and gentleman (sorry to report, Mom and Dad) is me “dating” in 2015.

Oh wait, there is one I forgot about!

Bonus round!

I deleted him already but it basically went somethin’ like this:

Mr. Foot Fettish?

Him texting me: What do you do, what do you like to do, do you want to have kids, what do you look for in a man, blah blah blah. What made you decide to reach out to me?

I joked: I didn’t, you reached out to me. (he wasn’t really happy with that answer-we met online, he emailed me, I wrote him back).

Him: blah blah blah, California, new to Austin, yadda yadda, I live DT here, yadda yadda software sales, blah blah wine emoji, treat ladies right blah blah and we texted quite a bit that first night (as I wrote out my xmas card list and watched the Good Wife in the background). We texted about meeting up in a few days, tossed around ideas.

Him: I treat women right blah blah blah. I take care of myself and get pedis (which I have nothing against). blah blah texty text a lot, where ya from, holiday plans, blah blah, do you like what you do, where all have you traveled, airplane emoji, blah blah blah, yadda yadda,

Him some more: I lived in LA forever.

Me: Really, did you like it? I think it is kind of pretentious, but maybe I should visit again.

Him: OMG yes I love LA, it is the best you must visit again! Do you get pedis?

Me: When I can.

Him: I think you can tell a lot about a woman by the way she takes care of her feet.

Me: Well then, I think my feet say-she’s a hard working woman that doesn’t make time for a pedi sometimes. haha

Him: Send me a picture

Me: No, I am busy

Him: Come on, if you don’t send me a pic, I am not taking you out on a date.

Me: I am not sending you a photo of my feet. I actually still have boots on anyway.

Him: Well no date and wine for you until you send me a picture of those feet.

Me: Ok

–And that was that, never got that wine–

foot fettish

(come on, I had to post that image above, too funny, thanks Google images)

You are welcome.

Bring on 2016…and the dating revelations¬†(inspired by Aziz) I will attempt to put into play.

How to do ACL Like a Boss.

Another fantastic double weekend, music packed, pretty damn hot, expensive-ish, chaotically organized Austin City Limits Music Festival has passed.

I am still alive.

I had fun.

And now, I am going to give you my tips on how to do ACL– Like. A. Boss!

1. Let’s talk Wardrobe.

Whether it be gold spandex pants, a referee outfit, a dinosaur costume, a swimsuit, an oversized sun hat, wedges with a maxi dress, cowboy boots or barefoot…You must be COMFORTABLE. Comfort is key!! Personally, I am a shorts and tank kinda gal myself (and I am a sweater, super attractive, I’m aware…so you know I have a towel, hat and extra shirt–just in case haha)


PS- Am I getting older or are what the kids are wearing these days just awful?? I saw so many white chucks with high waisted stone wash shorts with a$s hanging out and crop tops I just can’t even. “Who let you leave the house like that young lady?!”


If you don’t want to wear a shirt-that’s ok too.

Also, if you have a large group-Gimmicks are perfectly acceptable (see below):



She’s not sunburned (my camera was on “vivid” mode). No bra, huh? Work it girl.


No words.


Man or woman: You can never go wrong with jorts.


I don’t know if I would be comfortable in this outfit above, per say-but way to rock it, guys.


Saturdays it is customary to support your college team at ACL (TCU above) in Craft Beer tent.


And Sundays it’s customary to support your NFL team.

–And it is ok to take a break from music to watch the game in the Craft beer tent. Warning: That TV will turn off at 10pm on the dot, even if it is the 4th quarter and the Cowboys just tied it up with the Saints. What ensues after is not pretty, either.–

{Sidenote this photo above is also amazing because 1. That “face” is “Dad” we found him on the ground, carried him around all weekend to be ridiculous and 2. You can buy empty sunscreen bottles online and fill them with Fireball apparently}


Sunglasses-Ray bans, Fake Bans, hearts or freebies-they are a necessity!


Solids. Prints. Tight. Loose. Short. Long…Whatever makes you happy.

{Shout out to the ACLers of 2013 who all did “Caturday” on Saturday-loved ya’ll}

2. Noms.

If you eat at Torchy’s weekly, you can get it at the festival, but come on now!! There are: so. many. delicious. choices. I am all for trying something new at the festival though, and I encourage you as well! We have some of the best festival eats,¬†I swear! (Not that I have even been to Coachella, Bonnaroo or Lolla ha) Everything from Hat Creek, ¬†P Terry’s and¬†Chi’Lantro to newly opened Lonesome Dove and traditional Austin staple,¬†Stubb’s (mmm BBQ nachos are the bomb!) There were more than 3 Mighty Cone lines for quickness and I consistently ate Peached Tortilla this year for some reason (short lines, tasty tacos). I really wanted Tiff’s Treats, but I can’t have cookies without milk, and I can’t do the sun and booze WITH¬†milk. Ew.

milk was a bad choice

I do highly recommend eating when you get to the festival or a good breakfast/brunch prior to arrival. If you forget, there are plenty of people passing out Kind Bars and Skinny Pop as you walk down to the gates, but you better hide that in your bra/pants for a snack later or eat it on the way in, because no food allowed. Boo.

kind bars

Above-KIND bars My personal favs: Coconut Almond, Sea salt & Caramel and Blueberry Vanilla


Tacos from Peached Tortilla above mmmm…


Saturday morning breakfast above…Kidding!…kind of.

{Side note: One year I was doing South Beach diet and tried to sneak in a bag of pecans but they busted me and threw away my pricey nuts. I was heart broken}

snowie ACL

The 2nd weekend: Sunday I have never seen so many people at ACL. What was the longest line at 1pm? Snowie was, of course.


3. Water Consumption

water station

This is not one of my stronger feats at ACL (or in life in general) but it is muy importante to bring a Camelbak bag or bottle, water bottle, a styrofoam cup, something to put WATER in! Water is free. It is hot outside and you are already going to be drinking God¬†knows what-which will most likely dehydrate you. Drink in between beverages and get a lot in before you get there and before bed each night (also may help with hangover). You will surprisingly not have to use the port-o-potty’s as much as you think it is so hot out.


So stay thirsty hydrated my friends!


4. Essential Provisions.

First off a backpack is handy, but I prefer the over the shoulder bag for easy “reach-in” action when I am walking between shows or trying to find something by feeling around and on the go.¬†Many prefer backpacks and the Camelbak backpack (too many zippers and pockets over complicates things for me) again whatever works best for you, but recommended.

2013-10-07 18.59.28

This ACL bag has been with me now for three years. Love it!

What to Pack?!:

  • Towel for sitting on grass/claiming space!
  • Sunscreen*
  • Mini/travel Hand sanitizer*
  • Chapstick w spf*
  • the KIND bar you got for free they didn’t find in that side pocket in your bag ūüėČ
  • Fully charged Camera (it’s this small device where you take photos on a memory card, I know it is rare-also back up in case phone dies AND I like taking videos sometimes)
  • Extra sunglasses (cheapies-just in case I lose a pair!)
  • Portable charger (in case my phone dies ha)*
  • Bobby pins (I am not really sure if that’s on purpose, I find them everywhere)*
  • Hair tie(s) (for when I have had enough and I am too hot, bun time)*
  • Schedule!
  • A promotional fan they pass out before you get to the gates
  • Kleenex/tissue paper or a little toilet paper (because come 2nd weekend Sunday-you never know)*
  • And obviously wristband, wallet and ID
  • 2 “water” bottles (interpret however you’d like to)
  • Glow bracelets (because it’s ACL and it’s fun)


Yes, that’s my friend capping off Glow Bracelets (we aren’t amateurs, have to make the bracelet functional) so we can toss it into the crowd and dance around to the music like we are 16, best down before Sundown (and usually done before we head to park)

**Astricks** denote items I keep in a ziplock bag so when the search people try to bust me I can be like “What? Whatcha gonna do about it? Nothing.”


I take a photo of the schedule in case I lose it (I don’t use the app for sake of battery, blame Snapchat!).

Don’t forget obligatory photos of you and friends in front of: red sign in front of gates, Austin skyline backdrop, ACL frame with long line (confession I have never done it-too long to wait)

I put my phone on Airport mode when I am usually not waiting for someone to find me and vice versa, also battery save mode…or turn off location services.

Some people have been known to roll up their towel and stick mini bottles of alcohol. In it. Not me, but I have heard stories.

Some people have had their towel shaken out and seen mini bottles of liquor fly out of their towel when searched at the entrance. Not me, but I have heard stories.

Some people put booze in a flask and put it in their crotch. Not me, but I have heard stories.

Some people have been busted the second Sunday of ACL, and asked to pour out the flask at the entrance. Not me, but I heave heard stories.

Some people take camo caps to make their water bottle look resealable, but fill it with vodka. Not me, but I have heard stories.

Some people have been caught when they shake up the “water” bottle and ask if it is vodka, then had their “water” confiscated at the entrance. Not me, but I have heard stories.

Some people buy pocket shots and put them in their bra, shorts, boots and well…pockets and get through pretty easily untouched. Not me, but I have heard stories.

Some people pass out said pocket shots to people around them in the crowd who are fun, may need a pick me up or use them as a bargaining tool. Not me, but I have heard stories.

Some people roll their selfie stick up in a towel to bring into ACL because they aren’t allowed anymore. Not me, but I have heard stories.

Some people sneak in a handle of Tito’s by putting it in their chair bags. Not me, but I have heard stories. (I have not quite reached the threshold of wanting to lug around a chair at ACL and be at the “chair line” but soon…very soon).


My friend had his stuff ready to go, like a kid picking out clothes before the first day of school.

5. Transportation

Getting to the festival is no easy task. This is why comfortable wardrobe is important-you are going to use dem legs A LOT. Knowing people who live close is always nice, to shack up on their couch (what I do). Bless Lyft and Uber because I think they have now saved my life and my legs more than I can count. Sure there is surge pricing at high peak times, but if you can share with a friend or get down to a good point and walk the rest of the way, it is worth it. I have a car2go account, and in the morning I would walk to that, take it to the Car2Go drop zone (at Barton Springs and Lamar), then they arranged pedi-cab drivers to take you down Barton Springs (also equipped with free water, red bulls and KIND bars). Can we say GENIUS?? After the show, just plan on walking a few miles until you can get a friend to pick you up…or just walk to the bars!

car2go austin


6. Lost and Found.

You have a few choices at ACL. You can be lost, you be found, or you can be somewhere in between. Probably one of the best things about the festivals are the flags, posters and creations that people come up with to be “found” or “home base” Hashtags for your crew are perfectly acceptable as well. ¬†(#DadDoesACL for the guy I found this year)


This guy above is there every year–pretty sure he has a hashtag and my friend’s daughter follows him¬†on Instagram now. haha.

Or you can choose to disconnect and lose yourself and do whatever the hell you want–this can happen on accident and on purpose at times…either way, make the best of it (see below for example)



“Did I do thaaaaatt?”

Since the networks get bogged down (ok Verizon is apparently great, but AT&T sucks for me), if you REALLY want to see a show with someone else who REALLY wants to see a show your best bet is to go old school. Yep, no cell phone, no texting. MAKE. A. PLAN. “Meet me at the orange capital at 4 to walk to Samsung”


¬†Sign reads: “Thanks for visiting, please don’t move here”

Trying to get people to find you in the crowd? If only one text goes through it better be the most clearly communicated text on the planet, here is one from me this year for Florence and The Machine:

“We are left of sound stage 50ft, 30ft from no chair zone flag and 10ft left of Chicago Cubs flag.”

Little did I know they were at the Weeknd and phones were dead. ha.

I found my friends this year next to “Poop Emoji flag,” “Sparkly silver pom pon flag,” and “In between the no chair zone flag and Kim Kardashian blow up doll”


Your flag should be visible at night too-that is the key! I have some friends that have a light saber on a stick. You wouldn’t think you’d be able to see it in a park this big. But from the back of one stage clear across the park–there I spotted our friends, trekking through Drake. Who’d have thought?


6. Homework

Perhaps something I should have mentioned in the beginning is to do your homework. Sure, you can go, experience new music and float around with friends, however if you want the most out of your wristband, you should try to have a plan of a few shows you’d like to see, with or without others is up to you. I typically try to meet up with different groups of friends-this is difficult, but I have been known to lose people and see Kings of Leon solo.


Download and listen to a few songs from bands you aren’t sure about prior. I love having a paper copy of the schedule, unsure why, but I do. The app is handy however because you can connect with friends and make your own schedule and see which friends are doing the same :)


At the end of the day(s) it is all what you make of it…


Clap yo hands. Stomp yo feet….


Take a nap??

And have a wonderful ACL weekend.

See you next year (well, if the line up is good, and it probably will be) #taylorswiftcometoACL please!


As always thanks for reading!

What I am currently Hearting: The September Update.

I may have skipped August as it was a busy month of moving into my new casa, filming with HGTV, and working on stuff around the home {so naturally my home would look cute on National TV.} ha. Now that the boxes are put away, the weather is turning cooler, Football season is back, I thought I would write on a few things I am hearting this month!

Here we go…

1. Aziz Ansari’s book: Modern Romance.

I finally finished it and now both my hard copies are lent out. (I have two because I went to the Paramount for his promo event for the book after I already bought it). It isn’t just for women either. It’s a great read for our generation and alike-single or married, and research driven by focus groups, experiments with Psychologists, with a touch of humor and an overall easy read. The book has topics from Japan’s declining population, the best photos to use for online dating, and why we need to quit going on coffee dates. I took away a lot from it (and need to update my last thoughts on dating because of the read). I¬†hope to¬†apply a few pointers I liked in the book to¬†my oh so fun dating life. Stay tuned for a blog of some sort, I’m sure.


2. Home Owner Life.

So, after a year or so of searching for homes, several offers on condos and houses, I finally closed on one of my own. (Took me long enough to take the plunge!) Like most people say, “I wish I would have bought sooner,” however I try not to live in regret, I was just preparing for the right time for me. I am digging home owner life. Side note: I also feel good about the advice I have given my clients in these past few years–as I am actually now following all the tips and pointers I usually advise to clients of my own. One thing I really like, that I didn’t think I could¬†care less about in a home is my backyard. It’s huge with a nice deck. In fact, I am sitting outside right now typing this in my new patio chairs. So much room for activities! Is it more expensive per month than my last rental? Absolutely. The payment, the bills, the upkeep. Is it all worth it? So far, yes. But maybe I will be singing a different tune in a few months (keep you posted). I feel more like an Adult than I ever have before and that’s kind of scary, because there is still a lot of life to live. ha. I look forward to hosting dinners and parties, and updating here and there (seriously the list is endless, but under control for now) and I have already mowed the lawn, painted inside and exterior, painted my mailbox, got a security system, hung patio lights and changed the air filter…#adultingsohard

so much room for activities

3. Austin City Limits Music Festival 2015 Line Up

Yep, it’s that time of year again! This coming weekend is ACL Music Festival. Now, I am not this huge music junkie that goes to ALL the festivals and camps at Bonnaroo and knows all the obscure bands, BUT I like ACL. This year there are some really great acts and I am even torn between a few bands on the schedule here and there (Alt J or Of Monsters and Men? George Ezra or Gary Clark Jr–you can see GC locally). The weather (usually) is pretty awesome, the music, the friends, and oh the people watching and outfits!! I mean, does the weekend get any better than: listening to some of your favorite bands, learning of some new bands, the funny home made flags, eating Austin’s fine food trucks, having the Zilker grass under your toes, and somewhat disconnecting because you get no service?! I think not. Yes it’s crowded, yet it’s hot or rainy, yes the lines to the porta-potties are long and drinks are pricey, but who cares?! Another interesting thing a friend brought to my attention, and I would have to agree is the comradaree during ACL. There is no VIP (ok there is but it isn’t this huge section of people rubbing it in your face). Everyone in a sense paid the same price. Everyone polices themselves and makes walk-ways and apologizes for stepping on your blanket. You are there, you’re happy and you can go do in essence-whatever the f you want to do. I almost like doing it old school and “meet at the orange Capital statue at 4:45” so we can head to the show we want to see next. What else is nice about that schedule is there is no “wondering what time the headliner is going to come on?” The schedule is kept tight for a reason and it is so you don’t have to guess and you can see all the acts you want to. Friday can’t get here soon enough. Hope to see you there, friends.


Things I am Hearting–April

It seems as a creature of habit it can be hard to write/share about new things I like (I heart). March seemed to fly by, but over the past few weeks I have tried some new things and wanted to share with you a few items I am currently hearting once more. I even had a friend text me, “Umm have you tried the brownie at Snap Kitchen?” And yes, yes I have….so here we go, this month’s rendition of things I am currently “hearting”…


(heart above from recent trip to Portland Oregon found off Hawthorne St.)


GF brownie snap kitchen

It’s not the first time I have written of Snap Kitchen. I am almost ashamed that I just got to the “1000 point marker” that is how much I eat it. It is “healthy” (that adjective seems controversial these days so I will leave the quotation marks around it), convenient and portioned, what’s not to love? Did I mention tasty as well?! So this month, I heart Snap Kitchen’s Gluten Free Brownie. Yes, that’s right. I said gluten free. Am I gluten Free? Hell no. But this little morsel of chocolate is tasty. Is it low calorie? Not really. Is it low fat? Nope. It is just the right amount of chocolate when you want something sweet after a meal, but it’s “cleaner” than something you’d get out of a package and has a few grams of protein!. If you do not like coconut-you will not like these. But I am telling you, give it a try.




This past week/weekend I met a friend I hadn’t seen in over a year and a half. I flew SW (Southwest) one way to Portland, Oregon, met her there, then we went one-way (direct) to San Jose and one way (direct) back to Austin. After traveling in Australia and NZ a few months back I now realize the importance–and how much better I feel-when the flight attendants were NICE and understanding. When the people you have to deal with at your gate/on your plane are pleasant it instantly makes me pleasant. During all my flights there wasn’t one grumpy flight attendant (even at 6:30am) and they were sarcastic and funny. For example during our take off when they go over the TSA safety regulations one of them said, ¬†“A reminder to put your carry-on bags under the seats in front of you. Ladies that goes for you and your designer purses-they need to go on the floor not in your lap, it will be ok, we know they are fake anyway.” And “There are 50 ways to leave your lover but only 6 ways off this plane…” They make the monotonous part of flying a little bit entertaining, and we were always on time, in fact-a few minutes early, bonus! I also don’t mind the boarding/no first class thing they have going on as well. Which reminds me, when we were boarding, one of the flight attendants said, “Now boarding Group C, Group C stands for Center Seat” ¬†Indeed it does. Thanks Southwest.

And lastly…don’t hate me, but I am going there.

I HEART MALTI-POOS! —¬†More specifically, my new dog, Molly. (#goodGollyMsMollyMaltipoo is her hashtag-yes. I have a hashtag for her, naturally).


(Above: Molly filthy after playing on the kickball fields)

I love dogs in general and can’t remember a time growing up that we didn’t have a dog (or two). After 2.5yrs without my black lab Jack (who I adopted¬†when I had moved to Kansas City). Jack is ¬†in Doggy Heaven…no, not deceased. He is living with my dad and another lab, roaming free in fields daily and eating steak and eggs or bacon grease atop his dog food with endless rides in the back of a truck and lots of belly rubs. So, literally: Doggy Heaven with “Grampy.” Since I don’t run outside as much as I used to and admittedly enjoy not having dog hair on every article of clothing I own; ¬†I sprung for a low-maintenance dog that doesn’t need at least an hour of exercise a day and one that doesn’t shed. (Plus picking up poop the size of tootsie rolls ain’t so bad either!) I work from home a little bit more right now since she is a puppy, but it hasn’t been too bad taking her places either. Molly has gone to inspections, showings, kickball games, my workouts, a photoshoot, house warming parties and yes, even the dentist with me (where she slept¬†on my feet the whole time). She plays well with others, loves all, and naps frequently. ¬†It most definitely wasn’t hard to find a dog sitter when I went out of town. When I first picked her up from the woman I bought her from, she told me “She is the most outgoing one in her litter and she just loves to eat!” If that isn’t a perfect match. I don’t know what is.

(more Molly cuteness below)


Above: Molly kissing her “cousin”-I don’t think he was a fan.


Above: Molly with Halo on a photoshoot.


Above: Molly playing tug with Rainey.


Above: Molly compilation of her first week with me.


Molly with inspector Tim, and the seller’s sweet dog, Bella.


Molly meeting her first cat. Confused at first, then she was feisty and wanted to play.

As usual thanks for reading my blog about nothing. I at least hope you try the brownie (for those of you with a Snap Kitchen near you). Stay tuned for next time as I chat about getting adult braces-ay yi yi.

What iHEARTtheATX is currently “Hearting”

I recently have taken my personal posts out of my old website¬†and kept that more business-related…since not all my clients want to read about my thoughts and bad dates….so here we are-a new website for all 4 of you to read my random thoughts.

Soooo, with that, (and my new year’s goal to write¬†more) I am attempting to try and write¬†at least once a month about the things I am currently liking err “Hearting” (because it sounds more catchy with my website domain).

What is @ihearttheatx currently Hearting????


1. IheartCGArena–This has been my gym for going on year 2 and it is expanding. Why I love it?:

CG Arena (aka Camp Gladiator, which also has multiple boot camp locations) is super duper close/convenient to me (even though you always have to turn around since it is on the access road-who cares). How I end up a few minutes late to some classes is beyond me, (actually it isn’t I am habitually a few minutes late). They have diverse trainers and members, good class times that fit the 9-5ers, the early-birds, the stay-at-homers and people like me who make their own schedule! Tons of variety too! From pilates to boxing, to sprint workouts to kettle bell and strength centered work outs there is something for everyone…literally, everyone. From beginner users of the 3lb dumbbells to athletes who want personal training sessions I am super happy to see the same faces (and accountability) and get a great workout burning 600-800 cals per class. Thanks CG!!!

PS Saturday 1.24 they are holding a re-grand opening as they have expanded, so you can try a ton of their classes. New added weight machines, class fitness rooms and child care.



Nothing Bundt Cakes is this adorable cake place has a few store fronts, and so many variations of cakes. I am happy to recommend them for baby showers (we did lemon and chocolate for a friend’s shower) And this past year I gave all my past clients Nothing Bundt Cakes for Christmas (well I paid a teenager to drop them off at their doorstep, but I did make all their Xmas tags and hand-write notes!!) And when people text me “Thank you so much they were so delicious” it brings me great joy. Try it! You don’t even have to pre-order they have them ready in the store and you can buy the little mini ones for a catering of many people or something.



The new Board Walk. Yes I know it is not called Town Lake any more, it is Lady Bird Lake, but it makes me so happy the board walk is in with plans of Waller Creek to develop. Not that I am an avid runner, but I’ve been running the trail since college (2003 to be precise, when I started to train for my first marathon). When we had to do the 10mi or 6mi loop (from MoPac), I ALWAYS dreaded the East side. Not that it was scary (ok it is scary running on Riverside as the cars go by super fast)¬†but it was scarce. As soon as I would get to the part of the trail East of 35 I always questioned if I was going the right way and if there was a rapist lurking in the shadows. Still a little work to be done by the Longhorn Dam, but it is SO MUCH BETTER than what it was. Also–everyone has the infamous skyline photo from the Lamar bridge, when there is a beautiful skyline views from the boardwalk now! If you haven’t checked it out, I highly recommend. If you don’t want to do a loop or take too long I recommend parking on the street by Lake Shore (off E. Riverside) by the apartments and heading West. Great views and a nice walk over the water. I look forward to when Waller Creek will be finished up as well.


You’re welcome.

Stay tuned for next month’s of what Ashley is currently Hearting.

(As an FYI this was not a paid endorsement-I wish I were that cool)