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My June Hearts

It was my goal at the beginning of the year to at least blog once a month, aaaand to try new things, aaaannnddd get out of the comfort zone, and share with others…blah blah blah…and that doesn’t always happen right? But here I am! Sharing with you a few things I have enjoyed these past few weeks. **Pats self on back*** (after being on “to do list” since May).

But here is what I would like to share with you–Things I have been hearting: “The It Got Hot Really Fast June Edition.”


(A recent heart above from my last trip–Puerto Rico)

  1. Wu Chow–I have had the pleasure of enjoying this Asian restaurant a few times already this year for several celebrations. The reason you must go: Family style awesomeness. They accommodate big parties. They can do customized menus for your party. They aren’t an arm and a leg (they aren’t at food truck prices, but reasonable for the amount of food you get unlike a lot of these new fancy shmancy places that have popped up). They even print your party’s name on the menu. And it is SO DELICIOUS. The soup dumplings. The prawns. The duck. The greenbeans. I could go on. ALL OF IT…soo good.


2.  Airrosti–The first few months of this year (and honestly on and off for maybe the past 2-ish years I have had a lot of pain in my lower back, glutes and lately the left hammy) it comes and goes based on activities, what I lift, how much I drive, and sadly jogging now, but lately it’s been the most unbearable. So I gave Airrosti a try. What the hell is Airrosti, you ask? Treatment centers (lots of locations) that’s one part assessment one part education…ok an another part pressure points-working on the actual area it hurts. I am not going to lie, my pain hasn’t exactly subsided. “Then why are you saying you like this place, Ashley,” you ask? Because I think it could help a lot of my fellow athletes. It has also reiterated the importance of foam rolling, stretching, warming up and taught me a few things to do. I did see a difference after the first appointment. But come my fourth–without me doing my homework, not so much. {The analogy I can think of is how you don’t floss that often until right before your appt, when you should be doing it every day}. Ain’t nobody got time to foam roll errday! Other perks: they take insurance, and you don’t need a referral like you do to see a PT. At my specific location I saw a Chiro, but I am not sure if that’s how they all operate, but could be a good start if you’ve had some pain.


(Yep, that’s me above…doin’ my thing)

3. Headspace— It’s an app. Over the past few years my business and social life seem to be non-stop, and at times what I call “head spinning busy,” which I am not going to lie, I kinda like. When I am “burning the candle at both ends” as my Dad would say, I seem to get more done and feel more accomplished. BUT…yes, that’s not “good” for you. In addition to Headspace…I have always journaled, and last year I switched my journaling to positives only…and man what a great year I had. However, sometimes there needs to not be any thoughts. Sometimes we need a breather. A moment of silence/stillness…time to ourselves and that’s where this app comes in. {Sidenote if you are worried you don’t have time and won’t be successful–Bill Gates and many top CEOs and successful leaders block time daily to have NO distractions, only time to think/process/be creative or read… and a little “me time”} Headspace is a meditation app. I was told years ago by my therapist to give it a whirl, and I think I did it for five minutes one day and never again, but I have picked it back up (some). Little by little. And that’s where the app comes in. Starts you nice and slow for you beginner meditators–guided practice. I have also used it to fall asleep a few times, ha. It is not always easy to find the time to just sit and do nothing when we have a busy work day ahead of us and a million things to do. And as they say–those who think meditation is not easy are the ones who need it the most. So if you don’t do yoga, work on your breathing, or get daily “me time” and feel overworked, bogged down, exhausted by your constant to do list & overthinking with many items running through your head–you may want to start with Headspace.


4. You Are a Bad Ass–By Jen Sencero. Yep, it’s a book. My accountability group reads a business-ish related book ever so often However, I decided to add this one to the mix since I finished our other read early. P.S I have found that audible is my new bestie while driving, cooking, folding laundry or getting ready in the AM. I have been blowing through some of my favorite reads (self improvement) And yes, I called it self “improvement” not self “help.” I needed a little pick-me-up after a rough start to the year, professionally and personally and I feel as though listening to the Author read her book to me put a little spring in my step. Am I going to change overnight? Of course not, but sometimes I think we all need a little pep talk and this is what that book did for me–a little mindset adjustment I needed. I do think it sliiiightly appeals to the female crowd more, but I would like a male take on it. {Runners up for this month in the self improvement category are: Slight Edge and Happiness Advantage. If you need a mindset shift, backed with science and studies, then I HIGHLY recommend The Happiness Advantage too!}

you are a bad ass

There’s a few other things I would like to share, but since we are mid-way through June, I will attempt to save them for July and see how things are coming along. I am always open to suggestions on books, things to try, etc and welcome your opinions and comments!


(can we take a vote to see if this should actually count as part of my heart collection?)

Have a wonderful Summer! Cheers.