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How To Pack Light: A Girl’s Guide to Vacation Packing

This past weekend I took my last trip of 2016! And a great trip it was!

A girls trip to SoBe (South Beach, Miami, FL). Our trip was awesome and I definitely had some expectations exceeded.

As a lady (and I wouldn’t consider myself FULL ON GIRLY, but I got lots of clothes, yo!) The part that takes the longest for me to get ready is always picking out what to wear. This isn’t good when it comes to packing for a trip. I like having OPTIONS and I also feel like I am terrible at deciding what to wear for the weather (especially when you go places where you’ll be outside most the time and not in a car like at home). So, when the time came to pack for my Miami trip with the girls, lots of factors come into play, like with any trip:

  1. Weather (fortunately it was going to be warm–78 in day, but a few nights 59/60) hmmm I don’t really get cold though, but now we should go ahead and add a long sleeve item or two..a nice one and a casual one…oh and a comfy one too.
  2. Itinerary. Beach time. Working out. At least one fancy dinner. And duh-an awesome dress for New Year’s Eve will be needed. Bars. Clubs. Maybe something casual. Sleepwear.
  3. Time spent…So now I need clothes for a few nights of clubs or bars, a few beach days, a few days of working out, but what will I FEEL like wearing and what are my friends wearing? Can’t be over/under dressed!!


I consistently over pack. I tell myself:  “you only have to deal with the heavy pack or pull the suitcase a few times, it will be fine Ashley,” I tell myself. “At least I will have options.” And I always tell myself, “You have got to get better at packing lighter, you can always shop when there!” Fortunately I am strong for a chick so I think of it as a little work out too, walking from airport terminals or train stops with a 50lb+ pack on me…that I usually regret after the first few minutes. ha.

I have looked on Pinterest, watched YouTube videos on packing less. I know the “roll up method” and sticking socks inside your shoes and wearing your “heaviest clothing items.” I do.


So this girl’s trip rolls around and there I am…shoving 4 pairs of shoes (again…options) in a bag and can’t seem to fit everything else! Ugh, what’s a girl to do?!

Every time (ok mostly every time) I take my carry on suit case, they say it is too big and make me check it. So I scurry, text the closest pal I can think of, and go borrow her larger suitcase.

I mean, if I am going to check a bag-I may as well bring everything and the kitchen sink, right? So in goes the hair products, a few dresses, a few swim suits, a scarf, a light jacket, 20 earring options, 2 different size curling wands, jeans in case I feel like that, running shoes, NYE shoes, wedges, closed toed in case I am cold, (ha in Miami?!) work out attire, a few more options and a partridge in a pear tree.


I brought the suit case and I wore ALL the workout gear. The sleepwear. The swimsuits and ALWAYS the casual comfy stuff. And then wore 20% of all the other crap I packed. I also had to take stuff out and carry it on the plane so my bag weighed under 50lbs. Yep, I am terrible, and this task wasn’t comfortable at all.


Now, I am sure you are asking yourself–this blog was titled, “how to pack light” where is the part that she gives me a secret to packing light?

I was kidding. I actually don’t know the secret, but my goal this year is to get better at packing light for my other goal: Keep on taking trips.

Safe travels in 2017.

Happy New Year everyone!