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Social Distancing Experiment 2020

It has been a hot minute since I have blogged on my personal account.

You can usually find me blogging about my Air Bnb tips or how to buy a house in a hot seller’s market, but I decided to do a little blogging and logging! This “social distancing” won’t be an easy task for an on-the-go, extrovert like myself but what I do think is that it will be good for me! (And all in general).

As I work from home and socially distance myself from others for the next few weeks, I wanted to have a goal/experiment, if you will.

Each day I want to:

  • Have a business/work win
  • Do something physical
  • Complete or start on a house project
  • Write a letter to someone I am thinking of
  • Share what I am doing to entertain myself (Netflix show, new podcast, a puzzle etc)
  • And what I am cooking

I may not achieve this every day, but I figure the blogging/logging will help keep me accountable-as well as my gratitude journal.

Social Distancing Experiment 2020.

Monday March 16:

  • Work Win: We got two buyers under contract over the weekend, reviewed numbers with one as he locked in his new home (both are building homes that will be complete around Aug)
  • Physical: I rode my bike around 8pm around the East side
  • House Project: Eh, I went to home depot and got some bins and boxes to start this week, I won’t lie-I don’t know where to begin! ha
  • Letter: I wrote my mama (because well, I never do that)
  • Entertainment: Amazon Prime-Jack Ryan-Season 2
  • Meals: I made enchiladas with zucchini noodles and taco seasoned chicken on the inside-pretty simple (Brent made the sauce-added sour cream to the green salsa I had-deslish)

Tuesday March 17 (A St Patty’s Day like no other)

  • Work Win: Accepted offer in multiple offers for a cute central Austin charmer for my buyer!
  • Physical: Went for a nice dog walk at night
  • House Project: Umm nothing really, not going to lie.
  • Letter: A sweet bride that had to move her wedding
  • Entertainment: Catastrophe (a few episodes for the second time)
  • Meals: Leftover breakfast casserole from Sat SPD gathering

I feel as though there is a lot of panic, and I am not about that life. Trying to stay focused and positive with my fellow co-workers. Lots of chats with clients today on where things are headed, the market and what I am seeing. Definitely going to be a shift in my own business, but I look forward to the challenge a little bit.

Wednesday March 18

  • Work Win: I have a new listing (or a few) coming! At the Orchard
  • Physical: Workout with my lady friends at home gym and walk with another colleague
  • House Project: semi-cleaned out the pantry today
  • Letter: To the person who won my referral contest in February!
  • Entertainment: Nada! So proud of myself. Went to therapy does that count?
  • Meals: PB+J for the win, and leftover enchiladas. May get creative tomorrow.

Well that declined quickly.

Hello today is April 7.

All of the above goals, dreams, plans have gone out the window. It is quite comical. I thought I could keep a routine AND be productive while moving, leading a team and getting busy in real estate during a Pandemic, and continue to blog and stay active. hahahahah

Shelter in place has not been terrible for me, only because I am really good at keeping busy but I must say my heart goes out to my single friends feeling isolated–I feel you! I realize this is a hard time and cannot be easy.

To my moms and dads working at home together with little ones–Yikes! I cannot imagine and my hats are off to you as well! That has to be tough and nearly impossible to get anything done, but I wish you all enjoying the little things, and quality time together (even though I am sure there are some sanity testing times in there as well).

I have learned from this experience a few things, however and here they are-

  1. I do not have a “not enough time” problem, I have a prioritizing problem
  2. Grace. There is no way we (as a society) can work from home (with others…and/or children) and actually home school, cook all the meals, keep everything picked up, learn to craft or entertain, (especially when it is raining outside) not have any alone time (even if it is usually only in the car). And that’s ok–cut yourself some slack. {And if you are one of these people who can do it all-hats off to you. I feel we have life’s modern conveniences because there isn’t ONE person doing ALL the things.}